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Linda Mandarin is an excellent Chinese language school that offers high-quality and professional Mandarin courses to help people who are interested in learning the language. With outstanding teachers and a wide variety of courses available, you will be able to master the Chinese language in Singapore.

In our school, we ensure that all of our students are taught by native and professional teachers to communicate in Mandarin proficiently. Our teachers are also patient and will guide you along as you learn the language, making every class a fun experience. As they are proficient in the English language, you can be assured that teachers at Linda Mandarin will be able to explain any questions you may have during the lessons. To ensure that our students will be learning proper Mandarin, our classes are taught based on accredited syllabus produced by Hanban, China.

As a professional Chinese Language School, we offer comprehensive Mandarin Language courses for all ages to meet your necessary learning needs. Our Chinese classes comprise of Adult Programs and Kids Courses that range from Private, Group, Intensive and Corporate. Furthermore, we teach Mandarin courses at HSK Mandarin and IB Chinese levels, to cater to your academic learning. Simply contact us today to learn more about the courses we offer, and how our services can aid you in mastering the Mandarin language.

If you are looking to learn the Mandarin language in Singapore, Linda Mandarin is the educational training centre you should choose.

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Get the best Chinese language training with Linda Mandarin today!

With our comprehensive lessons, you can learn practical communication skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing Chinese. As we want our students to learn the language more efficiently, classes are interactive and dynamic, with role-play sessions.

Courses at Linda Mandarin are eligible for SkillsFuture credits, making them an excellent choice for Singaporeans that wish to learn Chinese. SkillsFuture credits is a government programme that provides subsidies for eligible language courses, allowing Singaporeans to continue empowering themselves by learning new skills. With SkillsFuture credits eligible courses from Linda Mandarin, you can now learn the Chinese language without worrying about astronomical costs.

At Linda Mandarin, there is a wide variety of Mandarin courses in Singapore for you to choose from. Our lessons can benefit corporate organisations that want to send their staffs for training, and individuals.

Call 62647343 or WhatsApp 92992356 today to learn more about what we offer, and how you can get benefit from the subsidies. Our friendly and helpful team will happily answer your questions.

Learn Chinese in Singapore – Mandarin Language Courses

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