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At Linda Mandarin, we deliver professional and quality Mandarin courses for people of various ages, all who are keen to master the Chinese language.

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Linda Mandarin is a leading Chinese language school that offers professional and quality Mandarin courses to help anyone interested in learning the language. With an array of courses and outstanding teachers, you are sure to master the Chinese language here in Singapore.

Our school ensures that all our students are guided by professional native teachers with top-notch Mandarin proficiency. Our teachers are well-trained and experienced, able to guide you patiently as you learn the language, as well as make the language journey an enjoyable experience. As our teachers are also proficient in English, rest assured that they can address any questions you may bring up during lessons. To ensure that you attain instruction in proper Mandarin, our classes are planned according to the accredited syllabus that is produced by Hanban, China.

As a leading Chinese Language School, we deliver comprehensive Mandarin courses for different age groups, to meet your specific learning needs. Our Chinese classes are categorised under Adult Programs or Kids Courses that range from Group, Private, Corporate and Intensive. Moreover, we deliver Mandarin courses at both IB Chinese and HSK Mandarin levels to fulfil your academic learning. Simply drop us a call at +65 6564 7343 today to find out more about the classes we have, and how we can aid you in attaining Mandarin proficiency.

If you are keen to master the Chinese language in Singapore, Linda Mandarin is your one true educational training centre.

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The Mandarin trainers here at Linda Mandarin are extremely experienced and highly qualified. On top of being native Mandarin speakers from China, our teachers either hold a master’s/bachelor’s degree in Chinese language teaching, or have a solid business background that understands the learning requirements of any advanced level learner.

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Through these comprehensive lessons, you will be able to pick up practical communication skills, namely in reading, writing, speaking and listening to the Chinese language. We also conduct dynamic and interactive classes (inclusive of role-playing sessions) with the desire for all our students to master the language most efficiently.

All Chinese classes at Linda Mandarin are Eligible for SkillsFuture credits, making them a brilliant choice for Singaporeans who wish to improve their Chinese proficiency. SkillsFuture credits is a government initiative that offers subsidies for eligible language courses, empowering Singaporeans to upgrade themselves and pick up new skills. With our courses that are eligible for SkillsFuture credits, it is now possible to learn Mandarin without bearing heavy course fees.

At Linda Mandarin, you can choose from an array of Chinese courses. We offer you the choice between private or group, physical or online classes. Additionally, we also craft lessons that benefit corporate organisations, for both individuals and those who wish to train their staff in the language.

Drop a call at 62647343 or Whatsapp us at 92992356 to learn how you can reap benefits from the subsidies or find out more about our offerings. Our helpful and friendly Linda Mandarin team will be more than happy to answer any of your queries.

Learn Chinese In Singapore – Mandarin Language Courses


The duration of the language learning process is dependent on the level of Chinese proficiency you wish to achieve. Although many have said that Mandarin is challenging to learn, speaking basic Mandarin might not be as difficult and can be achieved in a few months. If you wish to learn the language for professional communication, it might require a few years to achieve sufficient proficiency.

Being able to converse in everyday topics without much interruptions is considered fluent at the basic level. HSK wise, reaching HSK4 is a good gauge of your Chinese proficiency. If you are looking to master the language well, HSK6 is sufficient to communicate in academic, social and professional settings.

While it is possible to teach yourself Mandarin, language is a conversational process that requires you to find opportunities to communicate with another person. This entails speaking and writing to someone in the language, gaining feedback and honing your Mandarin proficiency better. It is when you frequently communicate with another person that your language skills will improve significantly.

Some tips and ideas to pick up the language more efficiently

  • Find a language partner to practise Mandarin with
  • Devote more time each day to learn Mandarin
  • Look out for patterns in the language instead of rules
  • Master the four different tones in the language
  • Read extremely widely (Chinese books)

While the two are common dialects of the Chinese language, Mandarin is more widely spoken around the world. Over the years, Cantonese has remained a dialect primarily spoken in Hong Kong. Additionally, Mandarin is easier to pick up than Cantonese. One of the reasons being that Mandarin only has 4 tones while Cantonese has up to 9 tones.

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