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Chinese or Mandarin is one of the most famous languages in the world. We have all heard about the language, and we know that it is one of the toughest languages to write, speak and understand. There are a lot of people who wish to learn Chinese language and even do so. For everyone interested in the learning mandarin in singapore, here are ten facts that will blow your mind:

The Chinese language is spoken by over 13% of the total world’s population. Over 955 million people all across the globe speak Mandarin Chinese. Due to such a high number of speakers, the language is a part of the six official UN languages.

If we were to check the figures, the entire language is formed from 50,000 characters. This means that all the text that is written in the current time, as well as the ancient time, accounts for 50,000 characters. However, the Chinese that is used in the daily language is made of only 2,500 characters. Chinese is the fastest growing language in the world. Additionally, in the western countries, Chinese is becoming the fastest growing second language. Many schools have started offering Chinese to even kinds in their first or second grade.

There are 240 measure words in Chinese that need to be used in order to denote the quantity of noun. For example, while describing five pencils, you will have to use five ‘measure word’ pencils, if you want to write it correctly in Chinese.

It has been proven that speaking and learning Chinese uses both the temporal lobes of the brain. Most of the other languages in the world including English only use one lobe in the brain, either left or right. If you think that speaking and writing Chinese is so difficult, how difficult will be the grammar, you can relax. The grammar is not that difficult. There are no tenses or verbs. Additionally, you will also not have to find any gender-specific nouns, singular, plural and other such things that are required in learning Latin language or English.

There are five types of Chinese calligraphy namely Official Script, Seal Characters, Running Script, Formal Script and Cursive Hand. Each of these is different from each other and is an intricate part of the Chinese art style. The most widely used style is the Seal Character. If you are a non-Chinese speaking person, you might notice that most of the words in Chinese sound similar. This is a fact that amongst all the languages in the world, Chinese has the most similar sounding words. Hence, Chinese has been considered as the most difficult language to learn and understand in the world.

Chinese is one of the oldest languages that are still in use by the natives and the other people around the world. The language is said to have originated in Shang Dynasty in 1600-1046 BCE. However. Over the years, the language has been changed and influenced by many factors. There are a lot of words in the modern Chinese language that have actually been borrowed from English due to the influence of the western culture.

After knowing all these interesting facts, do you think learning Mandarin is a good choice for you? If yes, then you can easily enrol yourself in Mandarin course Singapore and become well versed in one of the world’s most spoken language.

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