3 Advantages of Choosing Chinese as Your Foreign Language


Becoming proficient in two or more languages is a skill which is appreciated on many different levels. Speaking in another language can give you a competitive advantage when you relocate to other countries in search of a better job. While choosing an extra language to learn, one should be aware of the benefits alongside with learning the language. Here are some advantages of learning Chinese in Singapore as an extra language.

1. Huge career opportunities

Be it aiming to become a language expert or seeking a career in management or technology, being able to converse in Chinese would give you a boost in your career. Most of the global companies have a huge demand for people who are fluent in Chinese, especially in the education, health and business sectors. Joining Mandarin classes in Singapore would be your door to wonderful job opportunities in the future

2. Endless business opportunities

China is the second most influential economy of the world and has strong economic relations with developing and developed countries of the world. China offers many great business opportunities and if you aim to do business with China, knowing Chinese would be an ultra great advantage. It can help you build rapport with the native Chinese and support your business growth.

3. Exposure to a rich culture

Mandarin is one of the oldest languages in the world with a rich culture tracing back to 5000 years ago. Understanding the language would help you experience the history of  culture and civilization. Mandarin is the most widely spoken first language in the whole world with more than a billion speakers around the world. It would be a worthy experience in learning the language as it comes with exposure to its rich culture.

Start learning now!

If you are swayed by arguments that Chinese is difficult to learn, it’s probably time to change your misconceptions as Chinese is not that difficult to learn. It doesn’t have complicated grammar nor tenses but only relies on the four main tones. It’s easy if you are willing to put in the effort and be dedicated for a few months.

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