4 Benefits Of Taking Up Chinese While In University

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The benefits of learning a foreign language just can’t be overstated.

As people of different races, countries, as well as cultures, start working together, people who can speak multiple languages are becoming more of a necessity in the modern workplace.

That is why it pays to learn the Chinese language early.

Here are 4 benefits that will convince you why you should learn the Chinese language early.

1.    Learning Chinese opens you up to the world’s largest job market.

China has well-paying jobs available to pretty much everyone for any industry – as long as you know the Chinese language.

Regardless of your ideal industry, a good grasp of Chinese will make it easier for you to apply for jobs once you graduate. It gives you more options on how you can find yourself in your ideal position.

2.    Language learning can make you more intelligent.

Even if you don’t learn the Chinese language for the immediate employment benefits, learning the language can still be of enormous help.

How so? Well, because language learning is a complicated process that requires you to develop a particular set of skills. These skills can then be applied to other academic disciplines, allowing you to obtain higher marks while in university.

It’s a win-win, for both your current and future situation.

3.    Learning a new language is great for personal development.

Your intelligence and wisdom aren’t the only things that you work on while you’re in university. You also have to work on your personality. Otherwise, you won’t end up enjoying a successful career, regardless of how well you do academically.

Learning a foreign language like Chinese helps with that.

You can use your language skills to make friends and network overseas, travel or even enrol in a student exchange programme for more exposure.

Either way, you get more opportunities to develop your personality by learning Chinese than if you didn’t.

4.    Employers will love you for knowing how to speak Chinese.

Personality, fit, and qualifications, those are the three things that most companies will consider when choosing from multiple candidates for a particular role.

Qualification is especially important, and you’re more likely to land the job if you had just taken up the time to learn the Chinese language while in university.

Learning a foreign language is always a good idea. Even if you don’t have the time due to your busy schedules, the benefits of knowing Chinese should convince you why it’s worth sacrificing for anyway.

With your professional prospects and personal development on the line, you owe it to current and future yourself to learn a foreign language like Chinese.

One additional tip is to take up the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, or HSK examination in Singapore after you have gained proficiency in the Chinese language. Based in China, the test certificate is recognized internationally for educational institution admissions as well as employment opportunities.

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