4 Reasons To Learn A New Language During COVID-19 Pandemic

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Are you looking to do something productive while staying at home during the pandemic? Well, why not take up an online Mandarin course?

While learning a new language might not have been one of your priorities before the current situation, the free time that you have right now is an excellent opportunity for you to further your personal growth and your career.

To further convince you on why you should learn a new language during this period, here are a few excellent reasons!

1. It lets you do something productive and worthwhile

It is not bad to spend most of your day binge-watching your favourite shows and exploring new ones, nor is it detrimental to spend hours on social media. After all, you are free to do whatever you want with your free time. But, if you want to do something beneficial, both in the short term and in the long term, learning a new language is unbeatable.

Even if you were to only spend an hour or two a day every few days learning a new language, that’s still more time spent on something productive and worthwhile.

2. It’s something that you can do from home

Staying home is strongly encouraged during this time of pandemic and Phase 2 of circuit breaker in Singapore. This means that anything that you can do at home is a good idea.

Learning a new language by taking up an online Mandarin course is one of those! It is simple to get started, and you don’t really need much. A laptop and a working internet connection are all you need to start learning!

3. It’s great for your career

Learning a new language can be a huge boost for your career.

As a student of an online Mandarin course, you’ll be able to learn relevant language skills which you can use and apply to your job. If you have unfortunately lost a job during the pandemic, applying for a new role with your newly-acquired skills can show employers that you are interested in improving yourself, making it more likely that they will hire you.

4. It’s super convenient

On normal days, you might find learning a new language too tedious because of the need to travel to classes every week. However, with the pandemic, there are plenty of options for language courses online, reducing the need for travel.

Enrolling in an online Mandarin course might be the most comprehensive way to learn a new language today. While it’s not the same as being in the classroom, it is arguably the closest that you can get to that experience, with the bonus of letting you learn in the comfort of your own home!

Start Learning a New Language Today

Learning a new language isn’t easy. It takes a lot of time and effort. However, it is one of the few silver linings of our current situation.

As you probably have more time today than ever before, now is the best chance that you can get to do something that will benefit your career, as well as your growth and development as an individual. So why wait? Enrol in an online Mandarin course in Singapore and get started with your learning!

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