4 Simple Language Learning Methods for a Beginner


Language learning is not as easy as you think, but it is not even as difficult as some people may think, especially for beginners. We have jotted down 4 simple language learning tricks that will help you to learn a language fast and to make momentous progress in the very first hour of your language learning phase.

Moreover, these tips are offered by expert polyglots and they practice these techniques themselves when they learn a new language. These tips will help you retain the new language in your mind for a long time. Both hard-core language nerds, as well as casual language learners can benefit from these methods.

Learn the verbs first

If you want to learn a new language fast and as much as within an hour, you must start with the verbs of the language. No matter which language it is, whether business Chinese or Mandarin Chinese, learn the verbs initially so that you can start conversing in that language quickly.

You can do this by first focusing on commonly used verbs and their usage and then moving to other verbs of your target language. Then, you can learn nouns in that language and make relevant and interesting sentences using both verbs and nouns. This way you can grasp the language in a better and faster way.

Start speaking immediately

You must talk in the new language as soon as you start learning it. And, this does not mean that you need to be perfect in that language or have to speak perfectly in the new language, you just need to speak, no matter how much you speak.

This will boost your confidence and motivate you when people understand the new language that you speak. Do not be afraid of making mistakes. Just speak, as this way you will learn quicker rather than first organizing it in your mind.

Write everything

When you write everything, you will be able to recall it by going back to what you have learned. There is no point of learning something if you do not remember it. Just like speaking that language is important, so is writing it. Write the new words that you learn in your target language.

This will help you memorize the grammar and vocabulary of the new language, in turn helping you to speak that language in a better way. Plus, you can review what all you have learned, by referring to your language learning notes.

Find out cognates

Cognates refer to the words that have similar meaning, sound, and look in different languages because of a common origin. Almost all languages have cognates, even two very different languages. No matter which language you are learning, recognize similar words in the language and use them to fix new dissimilar words.

Learn from these 4 simple language learning methods and improve your language learning speed. These methods make language learning fun and enjoyable. If you are learning Chinese, you can also learn Chinese in Singapore and open new career opportunities for yourself.

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