5 Common Questions Beginners Learning Chinese Ask


One question which almost every foreigner learning Chinese ask is how to learn the language quickly as well as effectively. Well, here are the answers to that and some other common beginners’ questions.

Q-1: What are the easiest ways to learn/speak Chinese for a native English speaker?

Answer: The easiest way is to make yourself familiar with sounds of Mandarin. Start by watching Chinese movies, listening to Chinese radio or podcast shows, and browsing through YouTube videos in Chinese.

With that said, once you think you really want to learn Chinese, that is, when you are ready to put in serious effort, you should not delay taking the plunge. The best way to learn a new language is either private tuition or classroom training.

The latter is many times less expensive than and gives you almost all benefits of the former. Therefore, our recommendation is that you join Mandarin classes if you seriously want to learn Chinese.

Q-2: I feel I forgot what I learn quickly?

Answer: You should revise what you learn more. One very effective way to do this is to create a language group with other non-native speakers of your class. This way, after every class, you can revise what you learned that day for a few minutes. One advantage of practicing with other non-native speakers is that you are not likely to feel conscious about speaking in Chinese in front of them. This will, in turn, facilitate learning.

Q-3: What are the some of the most effective tips for speaking Mandarin fluently?

Answer: If you want to learn Chinese in Singapore, you should keep in mind these three tips, all of which help you to speak Mandarin fluently.

Take the decision to speak Chinese whenever possible. If you are with Chinese friends or other non-native Chinese speakers, you should make a conscious effort to speak in Chinese. Don’t feel shy about your lack of fluency, because it will come only this way. The more you speak Chinese, the better you’ll get at it.

Get involved in an activity that would require you to spend time with Chinese speakers. This way you will get more opportunity to speak Chinese and practice listening to it.

Don’t let mistakes bog you down. Errors give you a chance to improve your mistakes, and when others point to your mistake, they are helping you get better at Chinese. Therefore, you shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes while speaking Chinese, even those very embarrassing one. Remember, every error is an opportunity to learn.

Q-4: Is it necessary to stay in China to learn Mandarin?

Answer: Of course, not. If you are living in Mainland China, surely it helps because you’ll always be surrounded by Chinese speakers. However, living in China is not a prerequisite for learning Chinese. You can do that from anywhere. In addition, there are probably as many options available in Western countries as in China to learn Mandarin. You can hire a private tutor, join a private classroom course, or use an online material to learn Chinese.

Q-5: What are some fun ways to learn Chinese?

Answer: Watch Chinese movies with English subtitles if you are a movie buff. You can also try singing Chinese songs in a karaoke. You can also play Chinese vocabulary-building games to speed up learning.

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