5 Mistakes Commonly Made When Learning The Mandarin Language

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For most people, learning the Mandarin language is akin to learning a completely foreign language. There are absolutely no similarities between their native language and Mandarin. However, that does not mean it is impossible to master Mandarin.

There are many ways to learn the Mandarin language that can supplement taking up Mandarin classes in Singapore.

You can begin by not making these common mistakes made by many new Mandarin language learners.

1. High Expectation

You cannot master the Mandarin language within a few weeks. Therefore, do not be too hard on yourself and avoid setting unrealistic goals for yourself.

A more realistic expectation is becoming conversational after a few months of taking up Mandarin classes with additional supplemental learning outside of the classroom. Even then, there’s no guarantee that you will master the language. Take a slow and steady pace when learning Mandarin, to avoid burning yourself out and end up sabotaging your learning progress.

2. Not Talking to Native Chinese Speakers

The best way to learn any language such as Mandarin, both consciously and subconsciously, is to listen to conversations of native Mandarin speakers actively. It will work better if you are speaking and conversing with them directly.

Therefore, if it is possible, try to set aside some time to look for native Mandarin speakers to hold conversations with for a short while every week. In addition to this approach, you should try to use any chance you have to practice speaking Mandarin. This includes ordering food at a Chinese restaurant.

In addition, you should also listen to news reports and podcasts online, to aid your learning progress.

3. Trying Too Hard

Most new Mandarin learners are prone to adding too many words into one sentence. This results in them being misunderstood even by native Mandarin speakers.

You should avoid trying too hard and start by speaking, using simple words and phrases first. As you progress, you can then slowly use more complex words and phrases.

4. Obsessing Too Much on the Characters

Learning how to write the Chinese characters may help in your learning progress. However, you do not have to spend too much time trying to learn them. It is more important for you to master reading and speaking the Mandarin language first.

5. Focusing on Pronunciation and Grammar

Impeccable pronunciation in Chinese is not as important as the fluidity of your speech. It will be easier for other people to understand you if you focus on making your speech flow smoothly.

In conclusion, congratulations and well done on taking your first step in learning the Mandarin language. You are one step ahead of people who have yet to make their move to learn the language. Now, all you have to do is to pursue it with determination and constant practice. Last but not least, it is important to take into consideration and avoid the five common mistakes made by new Mandarin learners, to not let them affect your learning process.

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