5 Proven Tips To Help You Learn Mandarin The Right Way

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With the rise and growth of China, as well as the country, being one of the most powerful economies in the world, learning Mandarin automatically places you in the advantage of countless opportunities available out there. This includes heading to China for business opportunities.

However, to gain an advantage of these opportunities, you have to first master and be fluent in the Chinese language. This is definitely easier said than done.

Thankfully, these 5 tips can help you learn Mandarin faster and make the process much more enjoyable!

1. Work on your pronunciation.

There are four different tones in the Chinese language with two combinations of the same letters with different tones representing totally different characters and meanings.

What does this mean? For starters, when communicating in Chinese, the tone of your voice and pronunciation matters. You could be reading the same combination of letters and end up saying an entirely different thing just because of a wrong tone.

There are ways to prevent this from happening. A good way is to start familiarizing yourself with the Chinese phonetic system. You can do so by continually listening to native Chinese speakers. Podcasts, in particular, are especially useful for this.

2. Start with listening and speaking first.

If you are interested to learn Mandarin, you should begin by listening and speaking the language first.

If possible, try to listen to the conversations of native Chinese speakers. Once you have become comfortable, you can then try to communicate exclusively in Mandarin. This is mostly because starting with Chinese characters can be quite confusing since there are thousands of Chinese characters to learn from.

3. Think in Chinese.

A good tip to master the Chinese language is to think in Chinese.

To do this, you have to constantly surround yourself with people who are native Chinese speakers, or at least on the same level of fluency. If you attempt this regularly, you will notice that it is easier to grasp the logic behind Chinese sentences and expressions as you would in your native language.

4. Make friends with native Chinese speakers.

Making friends with native Chinese speakers, who preferably are also fluent in your native language, allows you to engage and practice Mandarin on a daily basis. This is extremely helpful and beneficial for your Mandarin learning progress.

5. Enroll yourself in a course.

The best and ideal way to learn Mandarin is to sign up for a Chinese language course.

There are many benefits of a Chinese language course. Firstly, the structured curriculum of Chinese classes is a huge benefit. There is also the immersive experience of being in an environment conducive to learning. You also get to learn Mandarin under an experienced Chinese language teacher. This is worth pointing out because so many self-learners find themselves in a rut quickly because they did not have someone guiding them.

There are various other reasons why you should sign up and enroll yourself in a Chinese language course. For instance, it gives you a chance to make new friends with people from different cultural backgrounds.

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