5 Reasons To Learn Chinese Even If You’re Not Visiting China

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Going to China to study, work, live, or travel is an excellent reason to take up a Chinese language course and learn their language.

Going to China doesn’t have to be the only reason to learn their language, though.

There are countless reasons why you should take up a Chinese language course in Singapore.

Below, we outlined five good reasons why it pays to learn Chinese, even if you’re not going to China.

  1. Chinese is one of the world’s most spoken language

With nearly a billion people around the globe speaking Chinese, you won’t need to go to China to find a Mandarin speaker. There’s a huge chance that you won’t even have to leave your apartment building to find one.

As China’s influence grows, so will the trend of learning its language.

Staying ahead of the curve helps you become a part of the group of people who adopted the language early on. This allows you to take advantage of opportunities that would not be available if you did not know how to speak Mandarin.

  1. You gain a better understanding of China’s culture

The best way to learn about a country’s culture is through its media, but most of the Chinese media is locked behind a wall of language.

Possessing knowledge on how to read, write, and speak Mandarin gives you a chance to watch Chinese movies in their native language, as well as read books from China as they were written exactly.

While English translations do exist, it’s always better to experience something as it was created.

  1. Make your CV look better in the eyes of employers

Even if you’re not going to China, the fact that you know Chinese gives you leverage when working in any industry.

Because of this skill, you can position yourself to be a better candidate compared to others. Not to mention, being fluent in Mandarin makes you the go-to guy of your company when it comes to working with Chinese companies and clients.

If your company is involved with international businesses in any way, learning Mandarin might be your chance to stand out and climb up the corporate ladder.

  1. More languages = better

Yes, you’re not going to China, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be travelling anywhere else anytime soon.

With Chinese being one of the most spoken language in the world, it won’t be too hard to find someone who speaks it, especially if you find yourself travelling throughout Asia.

Besides, the more foreign languages you know, the better. Among other things, it’s beneficial for your cognitive abilities.

One additional tip is to take up the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSKExam in Singapore, after you have gained proficiency in the Chinese language. Based in China, the test certificate is recognized internationally for educational institution admissions as well as employment opportunities. The test is based in China and its certificate is recognized internationally for educational institution admissions as well as employment opportunities.

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