5 Simple Chinese Phrases Used in Daily Life


There is nothing more frustrating than unable to understand what the people around you are speaking. It can happen more than one would think too, especially when someone has to move away, e.g. for a job, etc.

The Chinese natives use the same system for written language. Putonghua (or Mandarin) is the Chinese standard. Mandarin is a Beijing dialect and it is made of 5 pronunciation tones. It is one of the 6 languages in the United Nations and one of the 4 languages in Singapore.

More than 1 billion people all over the world speak Chinese as their native language, and more than 851 million of them are native Mandarin speakers. It is clearly outnumbered as compared to any other language.

The Chinese language is one of the most widely spoken languages of our world. More and more people are taking advantages of learning and being able to converse this language freely. It cannot only help you in business, rather you can socially groom yourself because life is not all about work and not play.

Learning Mandarin is a logical step to speak Chinese. Chinese is a difficult language to fully master, but Mandarin is a road to success. Although when moving abroad, a number of people try to pick up the native tongue by spending more time with those people who can speak Chinese, but without learning the basis for learning, this can make things worse.

As the international trade with China is growing rapidly, mandarin courses are becoming increasingly popular.

Learn Chinese for Work

More and more people are learning to master Chinese globally because, in the business world, Chinese is one of the most widely used languages. People that are planning important business trips to Chinese speaking countries like China, Singapore or Taiwan are advised to learn mandarin for their work. Business deals with Chinese people will become much easier if you are able to speak their language.

So, you want to master Mandarin for work purpose, and are unable to find much time to attend classes? Are you willing to learn Mandarin in the shortest time?

You are highly advised to seek for Mandarin classes that can teach you how to understand and speak the basic as well as advanced Chinese. It is a good option for those people who are unable to learn on their own. Choose a well-known language school that can teach you more in-depth into the Chinese language. They must teach you how to differentiate the sounds, stroke and grammar of different Chinese words.

Mandarin to English dictionary is another great thing to consider for learning this language. Just like the English language, 1 word can represent many meanings.

You should find someone that can interact with you in the mandarin language in order to learn from your mistakes. Interacting allows you to know the language in a better way. If it is possible for you, get someone to learn this language with you together.

The followings are some simple Chinese phrases that are used in daily life:

  • Ke Yi is Okay
  • Hao is Good
  • Xie Xie is Thank You
  • Zai Jian is Good Bye
  • Chi Bao is I am full

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