5 Useful Ways to Say Goodbye in Chinese


There are many ways to say goodbye to people. In China, the people love to be polite with each other and they look for new and captivating means to say goodbye to others. Although, everyone has their unique style to say goodbye, here are a few means to say “Goodbye” to each other. Going for Mandarin classes in Singapore will help you to learn more ways to say goodbyes.

Sorry for Leaving (失陪了)

This is one of the most polite way to say Goodbye to others. By saying goodbye this way, you can leave politely and these words will leave a good impression on others. You can use it in any formal context, especially around the presence of elders and respected people.

See You Again (再见)

This goodbye is the common way to say goodbye that all Chinese will learn in school. Literally, it doesn’t mean goodbye, it translates to hoping to meet again. You can say “再见” to the anyone as this way of expressing is a positively said goodbye.

See You Tomorrow (明天见)

This type of goodbye is said to those whom you expect to meet the very next day.  This type of goodbye is used for the people who you will meet on regular basis. For example, colleagues, school mates or course mates are those you would interact on a regular basis. If you are not expecting to meet them the very next day, then you should not opt for this type of goodbye as it will be really confusing.

Let’s Stay in Touch (再联系)

Let’s Stay in Touch is another way to say goodbye to people. This is a very polite way to say goodbye and is usually for people who have met for the first time. They may share their contact numbers with each other and keep in touch for either informal meetups or potential business discussions.

I’ve got to go (我不得不说再见了)

The last form of goodbye is used in a situation where you can’t stay with them anymore as you have to go to perform other tasks or to meet someone else. By expressing it this way, you display a sense of urgency to the task you have to fulfill. Such goodbyes are to be used for urgent cases where you really have to leave or to close friends who understand your urgent situation.

No matter what type of goodbyes you say to people, the real goal is that you should be polite in expressing the departure. The ways of saying goodbyes can be of means to judge your character  and behavior around people.Learning Chinese in Singapore can teach you how to master all of these techniques, for you to choose the best goodbye according to the situation.

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