5 Ways to Overcome Challenges of Learning A Foreign Language


Skills for learning language are just a kind of habits, which are formed through a little self-awareness and discipline. Here are some common mistakes people commit while learning a new language and how you can overcome these mistakes and challenges.

The beginning phase

You must observe a silent period before you start learning. Just as babies learn a language by listening to others around them and then start parroting sounds, you can also practice learning in this manner. This will bolster learned structures and vocabulary, and help you see patterns in the language.

To listen is a basic communicative skill that you use in your daily life. Still, it may become difficult unless it is possible to talk to the native speakers or attend classes. The better solution for this problem is to find music, TV shows, movies, and podcasts in your target language. Listen to these clips as often as possible.

Adopting only one method

Many learners of foreign language do not diversify their methods of learning. They keep on reading the same books for several months in a row. That is why; they end up give up early because of boredom. You must ensure that you adopt different methods for learning and make the process fun and interesting. You can pick more than one books in the initial stages. Later, you can listen to videos of the language or talk with fluent speakers of that language even if you make mistakes.

Being short of curiosity

Your attitude towards the language plays a major role in your progress.  If you hold prejudice towards a particular language, you will not be able to learn it properly and rip of the benefits of it. For example, to learn Chinese in Singapore, you need to be motivated enough despite living in the culture of Singapore. You can develop curiosity by observing the culture, cuisines, fashion and many more. Culturally curious learners are more receptive to language. They also form better relationships with the native speakers.

Beginning too abruptly

If you are extremely motivated for a brief period, it may make you feel tired later. You will feel that you need to take a break to relax in order to avoid burn outs. Many people buy several books on the topic and spend several hours in the beginning. Do not drain yourself too quickly. It is better to have a fixed average schedule of learning so that you remain motivated throughout your journey of learning. Do not study the language for more than 40 minutes per day. Consistency proves better than abrupt beginning. When you start grasping more topics and facts, you can start spending more time.

Fear of speaking

Writing, verb formation, learning vocabulary takes a secondary place if you are not able to speak in the language. To learn and improve the language, you need to talk, even if you commit blunders. You have to shed your shyness, insecurity, and start speaking in the new language.

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