A Beginner’s Guide: How To Study The Chinese Language

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Learning a second or third language is not easy. You need to invest a lot of time when learning a new language. Mandarin is probably the most sought-after language today. Anywhere you go today, you will find Chinese advertisements and companies. There is also a considerable amount of people moving to China for job opportunities. Unfortunately, you can’t find these business or job opportunities without communicating in Chinese. This is one of the many reasons why you need to learn the Chinese language. Here are some tips to guide you on learning the Chinese language.

Determine whether it is right for you

Chinese is not for everyone. Before you join Mandarin classes, determine whether it is right for you and if you have the commitment to learn it.

Do you have the time? Are you willing to commit both your time and energy into learning Chinese? If you think you are ready, then you should start searching for a Chinese language class.

Have a list of Chinese learning materials

Now that you have decided to learn the Chinese language, you need specific resources to help perfect this language.  Besides attending Chinese classes, you should practise writing and reading while at home. There are also great reference books you can buy or visit reliable online resources you can download to help make learning the Chinese language easier for the uptake.

Learn Pinyin

Assuming that you have your learning resources settled, the next thing is to give a shot at reading the Chinese language. Typically, this language is written in roman letters. However, the secret to reading such letters is to learn its Hanyu pinyin. It is important to note that the letters are pronounced similar to how we pronounce English words.

You can seek help from a Chinese native to assist in your Chinese pronunciation. Another way is to watch videos on how to properly pronounce Chinese words. There are several video channels online where you can watch and learn pinyin.

Try speaking in Chinese

To perfect your skills in speaking Mandarin, you should practise by talking with a Chinese native. In Singapore, there are a lot of Chinese with whom you can make friends with and make it a habit to speak Mandarin whenever you are together. However, the best way to practise Chinese is to look for a Chinese tutor. These professionals will correct and guide you with your Chinese pronunciation.

Listen to Chinese during your day-to-day activities

You can also learn how to speak Mandarin by listening to Chinese conversations or programmes. Improving your Chinese listening skills is a gradual progress. You can make time to improve by listening to Chinese programmes, audio Chinese learning materials or even download apps for listening on the way to school or work.

Familiarise yourself with Chinese tones

Chinese is a tonal language; thus, you will need to learn the tones to communicate in Mandarin properly. Wrong use of tones will just result in conveying the wrong message than what you had in mind as different tones can have a different meaning.

Be consistent in how you learn Chinese. Choose the best process to study Mandarin and stick to it. Have a routine of practising Chinese and speak with Chinese natives for at least 30 minutes a day. Consistency and these extra tips will significantly improve your Chinese speaking and listening skills.

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