A Simple Secret to Become Fluent in a Foreign Language


Many of us are passionate about learning a new language. We want to or are already learning a second language. Although, most of us want to learn a foreign language, let me tell you that it is only worth it, when you become fluent in that language, such as when you learn Mandarin.

However, this does not come easily. The hardest thing about learning a new language is that it is arbitrary. In simple words, every language has its own logic and therefore it requires trial and error so that you can work out on a second language.

But, let me tell you a shortcut for learning a foreign language. This means that you can learn from your mistakes of language learning, even before you make them. How cool is this, isn’t it? The secret tip, which is very useful in becoming fluent in a new language, is that you should learn the example sentences, instead of memorising words out of context and individually. This practice is called sentence mining.

Practice sentence mining

Now, you would ask what really sentence mining is. You can google sentence mining and you will find a vast community of sentence miners, who debate about this practice. Let me tell you that sentence mining means to learn a second language by reviewing, saving, and collecting sentences. In the traditional way, you memorise a lot of vocabulary words independently.

How can sentence mining be useful?

Now, you would be confused as to how you can practice sentence mining and how it can be helpful or useful. There are various reasons through which you can use sentence mining and benefit from this technique. Have a look at some of the benefits of sentence mining.

  • Sentence mining helps you to generate mental links with the stuff that you already know. You can link the new vocabulary into the place given by the sentences in your brain.
  • Sentence mining allows you to learn new vocabulary in different perspectives. This practice speeds up your language learning process just like you can get to know a person in a faster way when you see them in various social settings.
  • Vocabulary is shady, just like people. In other words, you cannot truly know or learn about a word only by learning its definition, just like you do not truly know a person just by knowing their name.

Thus, sentence mining allows you to learn as well as master a word quicker and faster.

How can I practice sentence mining?

You can practice sentence mining through two ways. One is the traditional way and the second is the modern way, which is widely used today.

  1. The traditional method

According to the traditional method, sentence mining is practised in the following ways. Note that this method takes time and is more painful.

  • First, you have to find some genuine resource from where you can get lots of accurate sentences regularly.
  • Then, you need to choose simple sentences from that pack, which exhibit the meaning of the word.
  • Then, you need to save your selected sentences in your flashcards or notebook.
  • Then, you have to review these sentences periodically.
  1. The modern method

The modern way is painless and fun. You have to go to a language learning site, where you can get multiple word examples, which are of high quality and you are done.

Thus, through sentence mining, you can become fluent in any language. And, if you want to learn Chinese, then you can take Chinese lessons.

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