Our Instructors


Our Mandarin trainers in Linda Mandarin are highly qualified and extremely experienced. They are native Mandarin speakers from China, bachelor or master degree holders in Chinese language teaching or with a strong business background to understand advanced level learners’ learning requirements.

They are passionate, patient and dynamic in teaching. Learner oriented, our trainers are able to provide the highest quality Mandarin classes as well as customise the courses to each individual student’s learning needs. No matter you are a total beginner or a business Chinese learner, you’ll be able to find whatever you need right here at Linda Mandarin.

Our Instructors

Chinese Teacher Ying Ming

Zhang Yingming

Yingming obtained a Bachelor’s degree in English and continued to complete her Master degree in Applied Linguistics Major in Chinese Teaching, at NTU Singapore…

mandarin lessons singapore - Joni Yuan

Yuan Bo Joni

With a Bachelor’s Degree from California University, Joni has amassed many years of teaching experience in conversational and business Mandarin…

Singapore Learn Chinese - Winnie Wang

Winnie Wang

Winnie has rich teaching experience and studied on Chinese & English teaching and educational Psychology during her bachelor period. She focuses on teaching…

Hong Yan Wan Wan

Hong Yan Wan Wan

Wan Wan started her teaching career 10 years ago as an English teacher to children between 3-10 years old. After moving to Singapore in 2009, she challenged herself and…

Cao Wei

Cao Wei

Cao Wei is originally from Beijing, China. She started her career as a Chinese teacher in Beijing in 2005. Later she moved to Wellington to continue her study…

Li Ping Chinese Teacher

Li Ping

Li Ping is originally from Tangshan, China. She has 6 years Chinese teaching experience in China and Singapore. She started her teaching career in primary school in…

Zhang Yue

Zhang Yue is originally from Shandong, China. She holds a bachelor's degree in Marketing and Advertising, with a CTCSOL certificate (Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages). Her Mandarin teaching journey dates back to 2016.

Wang Xiaolin chinese teacher

Wang Xiaolin Charlene

Xiaolin holds a Master Degree of Teaching Chinese as a second language from Suzhou University. Before coming to Singapore and joining Linda Mandarin in 2015…

Chinese teacher He Yang

He Yang Claire

After graduation from university, Claire gained her interest in teaching Chinese as a second language and obtained the Certificate of Senior Chinese teacher during her full time…

Chinese Teacher Men Xuting Penny

Men Xuting Penny

Penny Xuting is from Yinchuan, China. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in English and Chinese Translation. After graduation…

Chinese Teacher Zhang Leman

Zhang Leman

Leman was originally from Zhejiang China. She holds a master degree in media management from Hongkong Baptist University. She is a…

Chinese Teacher Wang Yifan

Wang Yifan

Yifan was born in Beijing, China. She holds a master degree in Teaching Chinese as an international language from NTU. As an experienced Mandarin…

Helen Zhu Gao Ya

Helen is originally from Henan, China. She started her career as a Chinese teacher in Nepal in 2013. As a teacher who was employed by Hanban China, she taught Chinese in Confucius Institute in Islamabad for 3 years. She has a rich experience in teaching Chinese to different ages and nationalities.

Chen Wenlong

Wenlong was born in Xinyang, China, he received his bachelor’s degree in Vehicle Engineering degree in 2010. While working in automotive manufacturing companies as a stamping tooling engineer, he helped his foreign colleagues to learn Chinese and developed an interest in taking it as his career.

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