Are You A Language Addict?


How do you spend your free time? Do you drink? Or sleeping in during the weekends or catch-up on the latest movies? Surprisingly, there are language addicts spends their free time just to learn new language. However, it is an arising concern as there are more people who seem to be interested in taking up a second language but are not serious in it. They learn, but just for the sake of learning; Instead of using the language in their daily life.

Being a language addict in this aspect may potentially harm you instead of taking you forward in your new language learning endeavor, particularly if you want to fluently speak in your desired language.

And, as you may know, you can only become fluent in a new language when you begin speaking or conversing in that language. After all, if you do not use or speak the language that you are learning, there is no point in learning that particular language. Some of the signs of a language addiction are:

  • You learn new words but you cannot pronounce them or identify them in sentences when you read or hear people speaking.
  • You feel embarrassed or afraid to talk in your desired language at the moment
  • You think that one day you will surely be ready to speak in the new language that you are learning

Now that you know you can be or is currently a language addict, do the best to be a language addict who practice speaking, writing and reading with the languages that you have learnt. Keep the books away and start conversing in the language you are learning in order to become fluent in that particular language. And, if it happens that you are learning Chinese, ensure that you join a Chinese course first and then start with your Chinese speaking practice.

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