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The Chinese language is growing in popularity in the 21st century with most people from all corners of the world enrolling for classes. Proficiency in Mandarin has also become a major requirement in Singapore’s business world. This has stirred the growth of the Chinese language schools and tutoring centres with students going for different forms of learning. Developments in technology have revolutionised Chinese learning with most people going for online classes rather than enrolling in a physical classroom. As a result, the number of people learning a new language each day has risen since even the busiest person can always dedicate a few hours in a week to learn a new language during their free time.

Choosing an institution to learn Chinese in Singapore can be a daunting task especially if you are unsure about the options available for you. This guide below will give you some ideas on where you can go for your Chinese course in Singapore.

Public Colleges and Training Institutions
You can always enrol in a public learning centre if you have a lot of free time during the day. The public centres offer immersive training to everyone in the classroom at subsidised costs. You will also enjoy interactions with fellow students who are also in the process of learning the language. This makes learning easier since you can freely interact with someone who will correct your mistakes in a friendly way. Public learning centres also give partial and full scholarships to anyone having trouble covering their learning fees. However, you must be ready to attend all the classes scheduled throughout the week. You might also end up taking longer than expected since the tutor has to move at the pace of the slowest student in a class.

Hire a Private Tutor
If you lead a busy life, then you should consider hiring a private tutor. A private tutor provides one on one service meaning that you can move at your own pace until you complete the course. This option is ideal if you are also travelling across countries since you can always schedule your classes to fall on the days that you are available. You should also consider hiring a private tutor if you are taking Chinese refresher courses or polishing your written language. The private tutor will customize your lessons according to your needs instead of teaching the full curriculum.

Online Classes
Developments in technology have made it easy for anyone to take their Chinese classes from the comfort of their home. All you need is a reliable internet connection and a computer or tablet. The courses are customized to meet your needs, be it basic Chinese classes or learning business chinese in singapore. The online tutors will also provide reputable tools such video lectures, links, and other learning software that are hard to find online. You can also schedule classes depending on your availability.

Corporate Training Service
Companies all over the world will sometimes invite tutors to teach a language to the employees especially if it contributes to the growth of the institution at large. The company usually pays the training fee for anyone in the company who is willing to learn. You should be ready to embrace such opportunities whenever they present themselves since there are highly likely to earn you a promotion or better income.

Local Community Centres
You can learn chinese in singapore in one of the local community centres near your home. Most of these community centres do not charge a dime for anyone willing to learn. Volunteers of different origins and ages facilitate the community centres, hence exposing the learners to a wide range of interesting words. You also get to practice what you have learned with other people present.

There are different options to choose while learning Chinese depending on your availability and the level you want to achieve. Some people will go to part-time classes while others are comfortable with the full-time ones. However, the choice of one over the other depends on where you intend to take your lessons. For example, public colleges require you to take full-time classes while a private tutor gives you an option to choose what you want. Watching TV and listening to Chinese audios is also helpful while trying to learn the language. Remember that all of them are excellent ways to learn Chinese in Singapore, so you should not shy away from joining any of them.

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