Learning Mandarin: How To Easily Boost Your Listening Skills

Learning Mandarin: How To Easily Boost Your Listening Skills

Many students in Mandarin classes in Singapore generally focus on improving their output skills, such as writing Hanzi characters and pronouncing each word accurately and clearly. As such, more often than not, an area that is overlooked is listening. While listening to spoken Chinese in songs and movies may not

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4 Insights To The Chinese Language You Probably Didn’t Know

Regardless of whether you know how to speak the language, you can probably identify the Chinese language when you hear it being spoken. With over 900 million native speakers, Chinese is easily one of the most spoken languages in the world, with an increasing number of people trying to be

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Chinese Tones: 3 Tips To Master Them And Sound Like A Native

No matter what language you are looking to pick up, tones will certainly have a part in it in one way or another. This fact remains especially true with Mandarin. When delivering one’s words, the intonation plays a significant role in how your conversation partner understands the meaning of what

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Maximise Efficiency: How To Boost Chinese Skills On The Move

Whether you’re a student or a working adult, it can be challenging to learn Mandarin in Singapore out of class time, as you juggle your studies or work. These duties or responsibilities would usually take top priority, leaving little time to practise and boost your Mandarin proficiency before it’s time

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Overcoming The Plateau: How To Progress With Your Mandarin

Learning plateau is a phase that almost every Chinese language learner reaches at least once in their journey to fluency. At this stage, you might notice your progress has drastically slowed or halted, leading to your motivation running slow and making your current study regimen feel stale. But rest assured,

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5 Factors To Consider When Choosing Online Chinese Classes

Are you seeking to learn Mandarin in Singapore but find yourself lost in a sea of online resources? Lucky for you, there is a wide array of mandarin classes in Singapore to guide you on your journey. In addition, in line with the Covid-19 safe distancing measures, you can continue

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