Online Chinese Course, Mandarin Course Singapore

3 Awesome Ways You Can Make Learning Chinese Fun & Exciting

Online Chinese Course, Mandarin Course Singapore

Learning can be mundane and boring, but only if you let it be! The biggest problem standing between us and learning is being interested or motivated enough to do so. This is especially true for learning languages too.

While language learning can be ultimately fulfilling and rewarding for every individual, there are moments that can be difficult and tedious, such as studying and memorising for tests. This is why when it comes to enrolling in an online Chinese course or taking up an online Mandarin course, knowing how to make learning fun for yourself can prove to be beneficial for many individuals looking to further their career.

If you are looking to bolster and learn Mandarin much more efficiently, then here are 3 great ways you can make your online Mandarin course fun and exciting!

1. Explore things that are not related to your class or course

Conventional language courses tend to have materials that are not made to be all that interesting or fun, but rather to be educational! As such, they are made to be effective in helping you to learn a new language quicker. If you are looking to study Chinese in your free time, then you could explore doing certain things that are not related to your classwork or your course work.

This includes reading about the history and culture of the Chinese and of China, listening to Chinese songs, watching Chinese films and shows, and even reading Chinese stories if you are up to it! This way, you can learn more about Chinese in a variety of ways outside of traditional and online learning methods.

2. Do something different every now and then

The main reason why learning can be monotonous is that it is most effective when you stick to a particular routine. While this is efficient learning, it can also get dull after a while.

To spice things up after being enrolled in your preferred online Mandarin course in Singapore, you can try to do something wildly different. A good example is to look for a native speaker to practice Chinese with. You can do this either online or in-person, or better yet, visit an authentic Chinese restaurant near you and try ordering in Chinese!

3. Use Chinese more often in your daily life

The best way you can measure your progress of language learning and to keep your interest going is by using the language often in your daily life.

Using Chinese during your daily routine can help make you more aware of your progress, and be mindful of how well you have been doing. It can also help you to be aware of your comprehension skills and vocabulary, as well as see if you have made improvements in learning Chinese.


It is never easy to make language learning fun. However, that is not a reason for you to give up on learning a new language such as Chinese. After all, learning a new language can always be beneficial to your personal development, and may even help you to further your career in the future!

Choosing the right course provider can also make sure you have teachers that conduct interactive and engaging classes to keep you highly motivated. If you are looking to make learning Chinese fun and exciting, why not try all of the tips listed above!

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