3 Language Learning Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid

Chinese lady teaching Chinese language to preteen girl at home with green trees in background

Chinese lady teaching Chinese language to preteen girl at home with green trees in background

When you start learning a new language, regardless of what language it is, would you feel a tad nervous and fearful? There would be questions rising in your mind, such as will you be able to get it through, will you become fluent in your target language, how much time will you take in learning the new language, and many more questions.

However, there is nothing wrong in this. Everyone faces this kind of situation and apprehensions, when they begin their journey of learning a new language. But, with time, it keeps on getting better. You learn the language slowly and gradually become fluent in it.

In your language learning journey, you would come across many tips and tricks for mastering your second language. However, there is something more important than these tips and tricks. You must be wondering what this is?

Let me tell you that these are the mistakes  that you surely have to avoid, while learning a foreign language. These mistakes can actually cripple your whole language learning progress. So, have a look at the 3 big mistakes that you must be careful of and thus avoid them.

The impossible mindset

Most language learners think that learning a new language is a very big task. Although, it depends on you how fast you learn a new language, it is not at all impossible. You can break your whole language learning task into small achievable goals. You can also achieve it with the help of right tools, like taking online classes, or taking the services of online language teachers. For instance, if you want to learn Chinese, you can enroll into a Chinese course.

Fear of embarrassment

There are many people, who are quite comfortable in writing as well as reading a second language. However, when it comes to conversing in that language, even the idea of it scares these people. And, if you are one of such people, then do not worry as you are not alone in this.

Many people feel the same way as you do. No matter what your age is or what you do, anyone can feel apprehensive in speaking a foreign language. However, this fear can be overcome by pushing through it. Everyone make mistakes at some point or the other, when they learn a second language. But, this is how we learn. Isn’t it?

Learn to embrace and laugh at your mistakes. This way you can get better at speaking a foreign language. And, if you still do not have much confidence to speak in public, then speak in your class or home as much as possible.

Not listening

Many language learners make the mistake of not listening to their foreign language teacher or speaker. However, this is not a good thing. In fact, it is even worse than making mistakes in your target language. You can avoid this mistake by beginning with a silent phase. This means that you must listen, learn, and assimilate information.

And, if you want to improve your listening skills, you can do this by watching movies, listening to music, or listening to podcasts in your target language. This way your ear will become more accustomed to the annunciation and accent, thus making it easier for you to learn your desired language.

So, learn a new language by avoiding these mistakes and you will surely succeed in your journey.

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