3 Reasons in Learning Chinese to Penetrate China Market

language written in chinese in a chinese-english translation dictionary..

language written in chinese in a chinese-english translation dictionary.

Ask any budding entrepreneur and they will tell you that the best way to stay ahead in the ever competitive global business environment is to be dynamic. Only business investors who change with the times and are able to keep tabs on global business trends can effectively manage to stay relevant and achieve a competitive edge. With a staggering 1.28 billion population in China and a strategic business partner of major economic powerhouses, is the world’s second largest economy giving a wide berth learning of mandarin Chinese is a mistake any promising international investor should never make.

  1. Develop key relation

Being a polyglot is a crucial skill for the business’ success moreover with the increasingly globalized economy where competition is stiff and achieving a competitive advantage requires thinking outside of the box. If you intend to establish your business in China, then learning mandarin business Chinese is of essence in helping you effortlessly develop key relations as well as easily penetrate the diverse and huge Chinese market. Being able to effectively converse in Mandarin as a foreign investor is indispensable in your efforts to build business relations with your Chinese business partners as well as achieving financial success.

  1. Primary language

Secondly, success in China from a business point or employment perspective is largely hinged on understanding mastery of mandarin considering that it’s the main language spoken among the over 1.28b people. Learning business Chinese makes it simple and convenient for a business entrepreneur to develop key business relationships with Chinese business partners that would otherwise be an exercise in futility if one were clueless and didn’t string along translators. In any case, individuals fluent in Mandarin and expecting to enter the workforce this year (2016) can expect a pay increase of somewhere between 15-20% as compared to a workforce only versed or fluent in one language. Without a doubt, there are many benefits in learning Chinese.

  1. Partnership

Thirdly, Chinese people tend to encourage and value partnerships more than anything else. An understanding of business Chinese will open doors of opportunities for you in the sense that your Chinese business partners will treat you as a partner and not as a mere business investor. Business negotiations done in a language that Chinese business executives understand tend to be more fruitful and successful than in a situation where a translator is needed.

To sum it up, the reasons for learning business Chinese are manifold and cannot be understated, making it the right direction especially for international investor. Learning Chinese is the new French and any international business investor keen on achieving a competitive edge cannot afford to remain rigid. The opportunities that the Chinese market presents, relative political calm, rich cultural history and an exponential booming economy makes learning business Chinese a rule rather an exception for any ambitious international investor!

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