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3 Reasons Why More Employers Should Study Business Chinese

The focus if learning languages is mostly on employees who want to try and make their resumes more attractive. But what about the people above them? Specifically, the people employing them?

Owners of small to medium-sized businesses often don’t think that they can benefit a lot from learning a foreign language.

After all, given the scale of their business, wouldn’t it make more sense to focus on increasing profit rather than reaching out to a broader customer base? While that’s undoubtedly true, smaller scale businesses don’t always have to compromise. In fact, they can increase both their profit and reach out to a wider audience with their products and services.

One thing that can help is to strike deals with foreign companies, specifically, Chinese suppliers. They can help keep their costs low and margins high.

Here are the many benefits a Chinese language course in Singapore might have on employers and business owners.

  1. More languages = more relationships

Relationships are integral when doing business. It’s no secret that the more effective you are at communicating with other companies, the more partnerships and deals you’ll be able to land.

When doing business, the other party will be able to relate to you better if you can speak their language. They’ll be more comfortable talking to you, as they would be to a translator, where sometimes, things can get lost in translation. Not to mention, the Chinese, in particular, will respect you more for learning about their language and culture.

Even if your potential clients and partners can also speak English, knowing their language helps elevate the professional relationship.

This can lead to an increased chance of landing a client, striking a deal or coming into terms with a partnership. More benefits include improved quality of service, more sales, and better interactions with the other party.

  1. Multinational scope

The advent of modern technology has made it easier for smaller businesses to keep up with larger corporations. Marketing, in particular, is no longer just about who can spend more money, but who can spend it more effectively.

If your business is doing a funny ad, your ability to speak multiple languages allows you to make sure that it’s appropriate for every audience in a different country.

This allows you to make a more effective advertisement without really losing the core concept.

  1. Faster communication

As Chinese companies expand their growth towards the rest of the world, it only makes sense to prepare yourself and your employees by learning their language. This way, you can negotiate and talk to them in their own language,  significantly helping to speed up the communication process and making it easier to understand their views and opinions.

As you can see, taking a Chinese language course is advantageous. It doesn’t even matter if you’re not yet fluent. What matters is that you put in the effort to learn. This is where investing in a Chinese Skillsfuture course in Singapore can go a long way.

In trade shows and other expos where businesses of all sizes from all over the world congregate, people appreciate the effort more than your actual skill. Even if your language skills aren’t there yet, they’re always down for a good trier. Your language skills, or lack thereof, can also be used as a conversation starter!

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