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3 Simple Ways For Your Child To Master Mandarin At Home

Mandarin Classes Singapore

It’s no secret that the best way to learn Mandarin is to be completely immersed in the land of the language – in China. However, it’s not the only way to learn the language, especially for children and the current travel restrictions.

While children do indeed learn foreign languages better faster when they live and grow up in a foreign country, it is still possible for children to learn Chinese in Singapore and from the comforts of the home.

Maximise the use of play for your child’s learning

Children learn best through play. And with their short attention spans, it’s best to keep them engaged with a form of hands-on activity. Even in the comforts of your home, it’s possible to engage your child in productive play!

Consider using a combination of pictures, games, and gestures to make the foreign language simpler, easier to access and learn. These familiar items can make sure that a child remains attentive when learning Mandarin. Additionally, many young and old learners have been utilising interactive animation and creative graphics to learn a new language.

Attend interactive online Mandarin lessons

Language learning can be taken outside the classroom and right into your home. With advancements in technology, there is an array of online Mandarin classes in Singapore.

At Linda Mandarin, we see the value in learning Mandarin at a young age and offer play lessons for children aged one to four years. It’s best to let your child start at this age group as they would soak the foreign language like a sponge. Before you know it, your child would begin to sound like a native Chinese speaker! Additionally, these sessions also maximise learning with the use of play – your child picks up the language through the fun role-play scenarios.

Creating a Mandarin-learning environment at home

As your child’s first teacher, it’s crucial for you to inspire them in the language learning process. So consider creating an environment at home that is more productive for their learning.

One way to immerse your child in the language is by investing in cartoons and video games that are dubbed in Mandarin. Better yet, making Chinese media available for children can also simulate an environment where native speakers surrounded him. This exposure will ease him into the vernacular aspect of Mandarin and, in turn, allow him to pick up the language more organically.


With these tips to elevate your child’s language learning at home, you don’t have to go out of your way to encourage listening and speaking Mandarin! From a young age, it’s best to let your child bask in Mandarin learning, allowing him to discover his love for it, and then he would naturally be keen to master it.

No matter your child’s learning interests and needs, remember to interject some fun to keep them curious to learn more! At Linda Mandarin, our highly qualified team of teachers prioritises your child’s interest to cultivate their love for the language. With flexible and progressive Mandarin programmes, let us tailor a programme to boost your child’s Mandarin proficiency today.

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