3 Ways to Learn Business Chinese Language

Two Chinese businessmen in a meeting

Two Chinese businessmen in a meeting

Business Chinese language skills are among the top tools for expanding businesses internationally. Learning foreign languages especially those in regions leading in global trading is vital for business expansion and growth. China has become of increasing interest in the international market as it is a hub for leading manufacturing companies, advanced technology and high population of skilled individuals hence making it the world’s second largest economy. Creating business ties with China, is a great strategic plan for firms that wish to expand globally. Here are some ways of using the Chinese language to widen business appeal:

Go online

Advanced technology has made it possible for businesses to venture in the online market through internet connection. Currently, customers prefer shopping online as they can place orders and pay for products online around the globe with a click of a computer button. In addition, business partners prefer linking online through webinars and online meetings with company’s stakeholders. Creating a business website and translating it in different languages helps in widening business appeal in varying parts of the world. Making use of business Chinese to translate website and communicate with partners and customers from Chinese community leads to expansion of business globally. And who says learning business Chinese is all about serious business? There are always fun ideas when it comes to learning chinese!

Use social media networking

Social media platforms are effective marketing tools for business worldwide. The major social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook  offers an opportunity for making products and services known by target audience miles away from the physical location of the business. However, promotional materials must be in a language that is fully understood by the target customers. For example, writing promotional contents using business Chinese language and posting it on a Facebook page or via business Twitter handle is likely to attract millions of Chinese potential customers across the globe. In addition, writing contents in mandarin Chinese language and sharing the links via social media platforms directs a multitude of visitors into your website hence driving traffic. This leads to widened business appeal leading to significant expansion.

Enhanced customer care service

Enhanced customer care services play a great role in widening business appeal globally. Potential customers and business partners come into contact with the customer care providers in the company way before transactions begin. Customer care can build or break the business ties with clients depending on the language used, attitude and approach to clients. Internet market makes it possible for companies’ customer care service to be available 24 hours attending to clients from all corners of the world. Hiring customer care personnel with Chinese language skills both written and spoken is likely to attract a huge number of clients from the Chinese community. In this case, customer care personnel understand the needs of the customer and provide relevant help through live chat, phone call or instant mails using business Chinese language.

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