4 Reasons Why Learning Chinese Is the Smartest Move You’ll Ever Make


Want to learn a new career skill? Looking for a fresh academic pastime? Or perhaps you want to develop a fresh perspective on life?

Well, if you’ve said yes to any of these, or even if you haven’t but want to learn something new just for the heck of it, you should learn Chinese. Why? Because learning Chinese is perhaps one of the most rewarding investments you will make.

Here are 4 compelling reasons why you should join Mandarin classes Singapore:

Chinese is not as tough to learn as many want you to believe

Let’s settle this first. Chinese is certainly not the easiest language to learn. However, it is only not the toughest. Far from it, it is very much learnable.

Many people might want to convince you that learning Chinese is nothing short of climbing Mt. Everest. Well, that’s an exaggeration, if ever there was one. Of course, gaining fluency in Chinese requires hard work and perseverance and you can expect to struggle a bit, especially in the beginning, but it is not an insurmountable object.  

The hardest thing about Mandarin is its writing system. However, the simplicity of the grammar of the Chinese language compensates to a fair degree of the complexity of the writing system. Chinese has no cases, genders, or tenses. So, one can learn Chinese grammar fairly easily and quickly, something that cannot be said about English and most other languages.

What’s more, even characters and tones are not that difficult, especially once you start getting the hang of the things. Moreover, one needs to learn only 2000-3000 characters to gain a fair degree of fluency in Chinese.

There are new, more effective ways of learning Chinese

Thanks to computer-assisted and media-assisted learning techniques, learning Chinese today is much easier. Students no longer have to deal with huge dictionaries, poorly recorded audio tips, and unlimited character lists. Another fairly new technique you can use to learn Chinese, regarded as the most difficult part of the language, is the mnemonic system, in which story-telling is used for remembering characters and tones.

You will have better career opportunities

Learning Chinese can mean better career opportunity. As you might know, at present, China is world’s biggest economy. Nearly every big company has offices in China, but there’s still a shortage of people who can speak both English and Mandarin.

So that means if you learn Chinese, you will get employment easily, but that’s not all. Companies pay extremely attractive wages to employees who know both English and Chinese. If you are stuck in a low-paying job, you can turn yourself into a valuable employee and earn a handsome salary by learning Chinese.

Communicate easily with Chinese people

Are you living in Mainland China or Singapore? Then you should seriously think about joining regular classes to learn Chinese in Singapore. Not many people in China speak English well, so by learning Mandarin, you will able to communicate with natives in a much better way, make new friends and enjoy your stay here more.

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