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4 Reasons Why Millennials Need To Learn A Second Language

Mandarin Classes Singapore

Global education and job opportunities are staples in the lives of millennials due to the affordability of air travel and the economic boom since the 1990s. Although we might not be able to travel at the moment, but in future, it’s expected for an increasing number of millennials to work or study overseas. Hence, learning a second language becomes not a luxury but a necessity, especially for the age group of millennials.

Picking up a second language may seem daunting at first. But, you could be a fluent speaker in no time with the right motivation and effort. With that, here are some reasons to keep you going on your language learning journey.

1. An improved ability to focus and concentrate

Although convenient, the increasing use of smartphones and technology can distract and make it difficult to focus on the task you have on hand. Fortunately, numerous studies have shown that bilingualism can strengthen attention span and enhance concentration among individuals, especially amongst youth. With the continued focus on efficiency for growth, learning a second language could boost opportunities for millennials in their studies and, by extension, career opportunities in the future.

2. Increases empathy towards other cultures

The process of learning a new language allows you to experience another culture. And because cultural knowledge might be lost in translation, your proficient knowledge of the language and its nuances would aid in your understanding of cultures at a deeper level. Besides that, it has been proven that bilingual children tend to be more sensitive to the needs of other communicators.

3. Knowing another language boosts confidence

Many youths are afraid of speaking to people that they have met for the first time. You might be anxious without knowledge of the language that the other party prefers to converse in. Fortunately, being bilingual means breaking the language barrier and communicating with more ease. Perhaps in future, when you become more fluent in a foreign language, you may even find yourself seeking job opportunities in foreign environments.

4. A valuable skill with long-term benefits

Even though it may seem challenging and time-consuming, knowing more than one language gives you an edge against your competitors. When you invest in time to learn mandarin in Singapore, this proficiency would open jobs and promotions, especially if the company you seek to work in is an MNC (Multi-National Company). Many MNCs require applicants to be fluent in multiple languages. To gain an extra edge, you can also prepare for the HSK in Singapore test. With this international certification, your Mandarin skills are easily proven to be proficient.


There are plenty of benefits to reap when you decide to pick up a second language. If you fall within the age group of millennials, learning a second language should be a priority in upgrading your current skills. While you are doing so, why not consider one of our group or private Mandarin classes here at Linda Mandarin! Our array of courses would equip you with the necessary language skills and provide a stepping stone for your personal growth.

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