5 Basic Facts About Mandarin You Might Not Have Known


Are you looking to join Mandarin classes in Singapore ? If so, you are making the right decision which would reap you a number of benefits. You are going to study one of the world’s oldest languages and also by getting exposed to the language, you can experience a rich culture along with it. Before you join classes to learn Chinese in Singapore, here are certain basic information worth knowing about the language. Read on!

1. Lot more to know

Mandarin, the Chinese language, is the standard literary and official form of Chinese spoken by over 730 million people in the world. It is the official language of China as well as Hong Kong. It is one of the five regional languages in China and also commonly used in Taiwan, Singapore, and Macau. Moreover, it is one of the six official languages used by United Nations.

2. The script

Do you know that Mandarin script does not have alphabets? Instead, symbols used in the script are calledChinese characters. This is considered to be one of the oldest writing methods ever discovered in the world. It can be written as  simplified or traditional and the best part of Chinese characters is that it can be written top to bottom, left to right or right to left. However, the original Chinese writing style is supposed to be written from right to left.

3. The characters

The Chinese language has got over 1, 00,000 symbols to represent things and is always on a rise in numbers. A normal Chinese speaker would be familiar with around 3000 characters at maximum and if you learn around 2000 characters, you can well hold basic conversations. You will be considered literate if you have knowledge with 3000 characters.

4. The tones

Mandarin is mainly a tonal language and it is based on the four main tones. But in other dialects like Cantonese, there can be up to 9 tones as well. The challenge lies in mastering the 4 tones of Mandarin accurately and it will form a strong foundation for learning the language.

5. Easy to learn

The best part of Chinese language is that the grammar is far more simple when compared with English or French. It literally does not have complex tense forms nor singular or plural nouns or even gender-specific nouns. Neither the language has got any aspect or mood difference in usage. The difference between singular or plural in Mandarin is accomplished by sentence structure whereas tenses are represented by adverbs of time. The Chinese language largely focuses on tones and sounds which you need to put constant effort to master.

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