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5 Jobs Where You May Need to Master the Chinese Language

learn chinese singapore

Learning a new language is a gradual process that takes time and a lot of commitment until you achieve the mastery level. While most people will learn the language to communicate fluently with their colleagues and friends, others will learn the chinese language in singapore to compete fairly in their careers and the business world. English has been an official language in the country years, but this has been changing in the gradually over the years. The sudden rise of China as a global economic power and the increase of multinational companies in the country has contributed to the high demand for Chinese speakers in different jobs. Some of the jobs that require mastery of the Chinese language include:

Translator or Interpreter
Translator and interpreter jobs are often viewed as one thing, but they are very different from each other. A translator focuses on written words while interpretation is all about speaking and listening. You will need to master the listening, to speak and reading skills for you to become a successful interpreter but you only require to sharpen your reading and writing skills for a translation job. The two jobs are equally tasking, but interpretation requires a high level of excellence in the Chinese language. Some interpretation jobs may have severe consequences if done wrongly for example when negotiating a peace treaty between two countries or the interpreting doctor’s results to a patient. Therefore, you should not attempt to do it if you are not fluent in the Chinese language.

Foreign Correspondent or a Diplomat to a Chinese Speaking Country
Covering news and other activities in a Chinese speaking country requires comprehensive knowledge of the language. Being able to understand and communicate in Chinese allows you to cover everything as it happens and provide accurate information about the activities at hand. As news coverage is about investigating and speaking to people from all walks of life, you must blend in and become part of the community for maximum results. A foreign envoy may also have to visit hostile grounds where knowledge of the language is paramount to ensure your survival.

Global Marketing Specialist
Singapore is a multicultural country with a large percentage of Chinese speakers. Therefore, you must be willing to understand the Chinese language if you intend to promote a brand in the country and improve the company’s presence in all Asian countries near Singapore. People are highly likely to understand you better and embrace any new product if you sell your brand to them in their native language. Additionally, you may also need to understand the market trends so that you can employ a marketing design that is going to work with your prospective clients.

Chinese Tutor or Instructor
The acquisition of the Chinese language has risen dramatically in the last one decade following the increase of multinational companies in the country. This has resulted in high demand of Chinese instructors ranging from the private tutors to the public lecturers. Some community colleges are also advertising for Chinese tutor positions although you can as well begin with providing freelance gigs before you can find a formal job as an instructor. You can as well start your career as a language instructor at the high school or college level and then climb the ladder to other high learning institutions over the years.

Analyst, Consultant, or Researcher Position
China is a global economic superpower today, and most people are looking for an in-depth analysis of the country’s financial markets. Therefore, mastery of the Chinese language will go a long way in understanding financial services and economic trends in the market today and then disseminating information to your clients. You can as well become a private consultant on issues such private equity and bonds, risk analysis, and stock exchange. Learning the Chinese language also allows you to analyse other issues in a country such as politics and global relations.

Knowledge of the Chinese language is not only necessary for your survival in Singapore, but it also comes with numerous privileges and a chance to improve your career. Remember that there are thousands of people looking for the same positions as you, so knowledge of several foreign languages will be an attractive skill in the job market. Learning the language is not mandatory for every Singaporean, but it is advisable if you intend the land one of the dream jobs above.

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