Learning Chinese, Learning Chinese Language

5 Quick Tips That Are Sure To Secure Your HSK Proficiency

Learning Chinese, Learning Chinese Language

Taking the standardised HSK test does come with a bunch of benefits that you can enjoy. One of them is making you eligible for admission to a top Chinese university. Aside from that, you also get to determine the level of your Chinese fluency, expand your potential job opportunities, and more if you manage to pass the HSK test. But the main caveat is that passing it is not an easy task, even for those who are actively trying to learn Chinese in Singapore.

If your main goal is to pass this test, you have to take some action into helping you achieve it. Preparation is key, so here are six useful tips that you can apply to get yourself ready for the HSK in Singapore test.

1. Get as much information as you can

When preparing for the test, you not only should prepare for the questions that are going to be asked, but you should also prepare for other aspects of the exams such as levels of difficulty, the standards that you need to achieve to pass it, the things you need to bring during the exam date, and so much more. This will help you get some form of leverage on everything you need to expect so that you can be more aware of the work and effort you need to exert for the best results.

2. Apply what you learn and put pen to paper

Since the HSK test is going to be a comprehensive one, not only should you master your Mandarin reading, listening and speaking skills, but your writing skills as well. Nothing hones your ability in Mandarin more than applying everything that you have learned and translating it into physical writing since it complements your Mandarin communication skills.

3. Sign up for a preparatory course

When it comes to preparing for an exam that you so badly want to pass, preparation goes a long way into increasing your chances of being more prepared. And what better way to prepare for the HSK test than by going for a course to expose you on the specific HSK format.

Use these preparatory courses to familiarise yourself with the way the exam is going to be formatted and the questions that are going to be asked. Apart from that, you can also use this as an opportunity for you to identify your weak areas so that you can improve upon them.

4. Try taking the practice tests with a time limit

It’s time to go all out and practice completing these tests in as little time as possible. This will train your brain into being able to think and process information more efficiently so that when the time comes for you to take the actual test, you are more than ready. If you manage to finish the practice tests with minimal time and still manage to get decent results, you are making great progress.

5. Prioritise your body and get some rest

When you are anxiously preparing for the HSK test, it’s very easy to drown yourself in all the materials you need to study. But this is not effective at all because your body can only handle so much. And you would know that languages are not a form of study that can be picked up from memorisation.

You can reach your daily quota on reading materials, but you still won’t be in the right condition to take the test if your body is tired. Above all the preparations, take breaks and prioritise rest because it will help you function longer and better.


To complement your HSK preparation, enlist yourself in online Mandarin courses that can provide you with information that self-studying cannot. These courses will also give you access to instructors who can provide you with feedback on things that you do great at and things you need to work on. So check out our comprehensive HSK preparation courses here at Linda Mandarin! Whether you’re at level 1 or 6 of the HSK proficiency level, our passionate native teachers are sure to boost your Mandarin learning journey.

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