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5 Things That Help You Stand Out In A Competitive Job Market

Mandarin Course Singapore, Mandarin Courses For Adult

Finding a job can be tough these days as the job market becomes more competitive than before. As there are more degree holders today, graduating from university doesn’t guarantee that employers will hire you. Rather, it is the skills and experience that counts.

So, how can you make yourself look more attractive to hiring companies? A general rule of thumb is, upgrade your skills! Since education qualifications are not the be-all and end-all, you need to do extra to show potential bosses that you are worth your salt.

Here are some things you can do to stand out from the crowd:

Do volunteer work

Volunteer for a cause you are passionate about! Be it at an elderly befrienders centre, or helping out at a soup kitchen, clocking in some volunteer time shows your future employers that you are a driven person with a heart for the community. Having experience in community work may be especially useful if you are looking for a job in the social sector.

Do internships

Ever seen those entry-level job ads calling for 3 years of experience? Contradictory as it seems, this is in fact the new norm. Companies don’t expect students to just study in school – they want them to also gain work experience through internships and attachments. So, if you are still in school, or thinking of switching career paths, take up an internship! This gives you a guided experience in the industry you’re interested in, and contributes to your resume as well.

Learn additional languages

Now may be a good time to pick up that language you’ve always wanted to learn. Knowing an extra language or two gives you an edge by opening up your job opportunities. You will become more valuable to companies that do frequent overseas business, or those which require translation or localisation services. You can start by picking up the Chinese language at a Mandarin course in Singapore to boost up your CV.

Maintain your online profiles

Nothing online is ever really private, even to the eyes of potential employers. Some employers do look up their candidates’ social media profiles in their consideration process, so it is crucial to make sure that your online presence gives off a favourable impression. The most important part of your profile is the display picture – as you can’t hide it even if your account is private. You can maintain a professional social media account on LinkedIn as well to show off your work experience and connections.

Exhibit soft skills

In an era where knowledge is easily found online, what employers find even more important are your soft skills. Things like communication, leadership, teamwork, adaptability, and creativity are some qualities employers seek. If you can show examples of how you exhibit these skills in your resume, employers are more likely to take an interest to you. Be prepared to talk about these examples at the job interview as well.

And that sums it up! These 5 things can help you build your resume and make an impact in the eyes of your hirers. If you still have some years till you enter the workforce, it is time to start on some of these so that you can shine bright amongst your peers when it’s time to find your first job!

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