Learning Chinese, Learn Chinese

5 Things To Avoid When Learning the Chinese Language

Learning Chinese, Learn Chinese

If it is your first time learning a new language, learning the Chinese language can feel terrifying. The Chinese language is among the hardest languages to master. Even if you are not new with the Chinese language, it can still be hard to know where to start, and how to learn the language effectively.

Taking up Chinese lessons in Singapore is a good start. However, if you truly want to master the Chinese language, you will have to do more than that. Also, you have to be aware of the common mistakes made by new Chinese learners. Here are some of them:

1. Ignoring the Chinese tones

In the Chinese language, tones are highly important, as they differentiate various words. If you ignore the tones, your pronunciation for most words would be inaccurate.

Therefore, if you are sincere about learning Chinese, do not ignore the tones. Otherwise, you will struggle to be understood, and face difficulties understanding others.  

2. Memorizing every vocabulary list you can find

It does not matter how effective a vocabulary list is, avoid memorizing it. This is because they may not be useful to you yet. Therefore, rather than spending time memorizing the tougher words, it is more efficient to work on words that you can use daily first.

3. Forgetting to practice constantly

It is a good practice to memorize the various theories. However, your efforts will go down the drain if you fail to practice and apply what you have learnt constantly. 

4. Not listening enough

As beginners, aside from taking note of the tones, it is important to pay attention to conversations as well as engaging in them.

Listening to how native Chinese speak can help you in your pronunciations. This can be either from conversing with them or through watching and listening to the media, such as Chinese movies, podcasts and music. 

5. Being afraid to make mistakes

The biggest mistake you can make when learning anything is to be afraid to commit mistakes.

The reason why learning in a classroom setting is so effective for new Chinese learners is because the classroom is an ideal and conducive environment for people to learn comfortably. Students need not be afraid to make mistakes and will be exposed to doing so. Through their mistakes, students get to learn and improve with their experiences. 

If you are interested in learning Chinese, you can start now by taking up Chinese lessons in Singapore. Mastering a language requires time and effort. Thus, the earlier you start, the faster you will gain fluency in Chinese. 

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