5 Things to Remember When Learning Chinese


Whether your goal is to learn Chinese in Singapore or something else, it is important that you make everyday count. Improving each day, even by the smallest of the margins, will ensure good progress over a period of time. Here are some tips that help you improve your Chinese daily, little by little.

1.Regular classes are most effective

Chinese is not something you can learn by studying 2 hours in a week. It is a difficult language to learn completely on your own.

If you’re serious about learning Chinese, you should either take private tuition or join Mandarin classes Singapore. The former is extremely expensive, so if budget is a constraint, which it nearly always is, classroom training is a viable option, especially when you consider it is just as effective as private tuition.

2.Social learning helps

Do you know other foreigners who are learning Chinese just like you? Then, why not form a language group with them? You all can practice what you’ve learned together. This way you’ll be able to not only revise what you’ve learned but also pick up new things and understand your mistakes.

3.Practicing listening Chinese is as important as practicing speaking Chinese

When you listen others speaking Chinese, you gain a better understanding of tones and how to use them, apart from learning new words. Keep a part of your study time for listening Chinese. You should listen to an audio of real people because that’s how Chinese is spoken in the real world.

4.First learn to speak

The Chinese written language is quite complex when compared to its grammar. Therefore, students should first focus on achieving fluency in speaking Chinese. Once you’ve achieved that, you can decide, depending on your need, if you should now learn the written language.

Of course, Chinese is a tonal language and learning to speak it fluently appears to be a daunting task. However, this is not the case. One can master the tones fairly quickly; whereas, mastering the several thousand written characters takes a few years, if not many years. You are likely to find that the language programs teach spoken Chinese as well as written Chinese together. It’s really up to you if you want to focus on both equally or more on spoken language initially.

5. Focus on learning simplified characters

Probably you might know that there are two major writing systems in Chinese: traditional and simplified. Traditional characters are based on ancient pictographs and were used in China until the middle of the last century. Traditional characters are beautiful as well as complex.  It takes more time to perfect traditional characters.

Simplified characters, on the other hand, usually contain fewer pen or brush strokes than technical characters. Hence, they are easier to learn. Simplified characters were introduced in China in the 1950s and 19560s to boost literacy rate. Today, in Mainland China as well as Singapore, simplified characters are the official system of writing. On the other hand, traditional characters are used more in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

As simplified characters are easier to learn, it is best you should start with it. It is much easier to learn traditional characters after learning simplified characters than the other way round. If you are living in Mainland China or Singapore or plan to set up a business here, this is the script you’ll have to learn.

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