5 Tips on How to Avail Chinese Lessons at Singapore Language School


Finding a language school that teaches Chinese lessons in Singapore is not so hard to find. If you look hard enough, you’ll be surprised to find schools that offer lessons on the Chinese language. With the advanced technology, it’s very convenient to search for sites that offer information about Chinese lessons in Singapore.

Here are five tips on how to find Chinese Language School in Singapore.

  1. Use Facebook

Facebook is a popular social media site that connects billions of people around the world. It makes learning a new language fun and interesting through befriending native speakers. If you’re an avid Facebook user, why not add ‘Linda Mandarin’ language school which provide information on Chinese language lessons and learn from them. In exchange, you can teach them your native language.

  1. Look for reliable tutors

In Singapore, Linda Mandarin provides Chinese lessons for local and foreign students at reasonable cost. Course materials will be provided. At Linda Mandarin, all tutors are well-trained and professional in teaching the Chinese Language, making Chinese even more fun and interesting to learn. Students can ask numerous of questions and clarify immediately with the help of tutors.

  1. Flexible Schedule

Thanks to the internet you can now find the lessons schedule on the website to suit your timing on how to learn Chinese. With the ease of finding the schedule, you never miss any class anymore and by knowing your schedule you can plan to study more on your free time be it at home or outside at your own pace and time. You can ask the tutor afterward to evaluate your skill. 

  1. Use applications

Have you ever want to learn Chinese even when on the go or when doing chores at home? This can be made possible through applications like Duolingo. All you have to do is download apps on your smartphone or computer that allow you to learn a new language like Chinese. Once downloaded, you can start learning whenever and wherever you want.  

  1. Speak more during class

This is an interesting way to learn Chinese. When comes to learning a new language, nothing will go wrong when it comes to encouraging students to speak more during class so that as days go by you will see great improvements. While finding online videos may be helpful. In class, you can check with the tutors on the pronunciation of the Chinese characters and be corrected immediately. On the other hand, during your free time, there are many movies today come with subtitles so even though the characters are speaking Chinese, you can understand what they’re saying because of the English subtitles. It won’t be long before you start learning some simple Chinese words or phrases when you make it a habit of watching these movies daily.

Start learning Chinese lessons Singapore at your home today. Just follow the tips presented above and you’re on your way to becoming an expert in the Chinese language.

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