5 Tips To Speed Up The Learning Process


Different people have different reasons to learn a new language. You might be moving abroad and you wish to understand the basics of the language of that new place. Or you may require learning the language quickly for work purposes. And if no materialistic purpose is there, many people are just curious to learn a new language as soon as possible because of their appreciation or interest. Whatever your reasons are, let us save time learning:


1.Immerse yourself in the new environment and learning

If you have moved to the nation whose native language you are learning, nothing is better than that. You will have much better prospects of learning. Even if you are perfect in English, do not use it. Try to communicate in the local language. Do not feel embarrassed if all others around you are fluent in the language. In the end, you will be responsible for learning and practicing.

In case you are in your own country, design the environment of your home such that you cannot neglect your growth. You can form visual cues, which motivate you to study at odd times. This can even mean changing the language of your phone or that of your social media accounts. Do not be scared and just do it.

2.Learn vocabulary smartly

No doubt, that it is essential to learn vocabulary words while learning a new language. However, to learn a language quickly, you need to prioritize and strategize the learning. In all languages, the number of characters may range from a few 20 characters to as many as 3000 characters. However, if you learn only 20% of the vocabulary, you can understand 75% of the language. This means that you can invest your time smartly in the initial phase and then master the remaining portion of vocabulary.

3.Be mindful while you learn

If you are learning business Chinese, You might constantly think that you are not perfect in the new language and therefore resort to quick cramming of words. This may make you lose imprints of your progress in the journey of learning. Be aware of your learning and learn the words with proper understanding. Cramming the vocabulary words in the short term may hamper your long-term learning.

You can also play with your co-students in your class or join an online community to practice the new language. This is a great way of having fun while learning and your mind subconsciously registers the new skills.

4.Learn actively

You must be a vigorous learner. The human brain is designed in such a manner that the more you use it, the most active it becomes. When you learn a new word or a phrase of the language, say it out loud 20-30 times. In a mandarin courses, you may need to write a new character 20 times to learn it properly. After learning to read and write, you must use it in a real life situation. For instance, you can use it with a co-student or practice it with a native speaker online. The aim is to use every new thing you learn until you feel confident.

5.Take challenges

Take up mini goals for you to learn new words. Challenge yourself to learn a new alphabet in five days, add five new words to the vocabulary every day, etc. You will see noticeable changes in a short span. Over and above, have fun in the process.

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