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5 Useful Skills You Can Master After Work

learn business chineseWe all have several hours to ourselves after a long day of work. While most people will spend this time stuck to the TV or hanging out with friends, some may spend the few hours acquiring a new skill to add to their resume or to add a little value in their life. Learning a new skill can take a few weeks to several years depending on its nature, but all your efforts and time while learning will eventually pay off. Here are some skills you can look at.

Cooking Lessons
Everyone likes a delicious and healthy meal but not many people are ready to enrol in a cooking class. Improving your culinary skills is not only going to make meals more exciting, it also provides a chance for you to impress your friends or dates.

Learn a New Language
You should learn business chinese before any other language if you’ve just started living in Singapore. Business Chinese language helps you with technical terms, which will be especially useful if you work with Chinese clients. Adding a new language to your resume will also boost your position within the corporate world. You can make use of apps and other content available online for easy and interesting learning.

Photography, Photoshop, and Video Editing
Gone are the days that you had to take a photo or shoot a video at a studio. Anyone can take a photo through their smartphone or a personal camera and even shoot a short video using the same equipment. However, you can take your photos and videos up a notch by signing up for professional photography and videography lessons. You can use video and photo editing skills in graphic and web designing while anyone in the marketing industry can use Photoshop to make posters, flyers, and brochures.

Coding, Graphics, and Web Designing
Coding is a perfect way of future proofing yourself and increasing your career prospects. Additionally, most businesses are launching websites and blogs every day hence increasing the demand for web designing services. Therefore, learning these skills will not only give you a better understanding of current and future technology, but it also provides you an alternative way of making a few dollars during your free time. A lot of new content on coding and designing are available online, making learning easier than it has ever been before. Therefore, you do not have a reason for not learning the basics of coding.

Basic First Aid Skills and CPR
Accidents happen at home or in the workplace every day, so it is important that you know how to take care of them without worsening the injuries. Employers are also highly likely to retain an employee with basic training on health issues and first aid since they can save the day even when you are in a remote location without easy access to medical facilities or if accidents happen.

Learning a new skill is not only going to improve your career prospects but it will also help you build your personal confidence. Many people have opted to learn skills that are directly related to their area of work, but many are just as open to learning new things and embracing their creativity. Remember that every employer is looking for hands-on skills other than the professional qualification while hiring for a new position. Therefore, it is important that you learn a new skill every time you get some free time instead of simply binging on TV shows.


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