chinese classes for kids

5 Ways to Make Learning Chinese Easier for Children

chinese classes for kids

Most adults who have tried learning the mandarin language can attest to its complexity. This means that the language may end up being a challenge for kids who are learning many things at the same time. Children are highly likely to grasp a second language faster than adults. They also tend to develop interests in fun activities such as playing games, singing or drawing. Therefore, you should seriously consider incorporating exciting, hands-on activities into Chinese classes for kids if you want them fully engaged. We are going to discuss some of the activities you can use to make learning Chinese easier for the kids.

Encourage the Kids to Watch Chinese TV Programs and Videos
TV programs such as cartoons are not only going to improve a child’s speaking and listening skills, but they also offer an excellent opportunity to learn the Chinese tones. Conversations on different shows reflect activities children can identify with, so they are likely to understand the conversations.

Playful Learning
Children hate doing chores, so you should never make them feel like they are being forced to learn a new language. You can do this by incorporating games and other playful items in their learning. There are plenty of online Chinese games designed for the kids to improve their understanding of the language. There are also interesting applications for mobile phones, featuring different topics such as food and animals. Apps already provide an alternative way of learning, apart from than the traditional classroom setting.

Teach Kids Songs
Chinese classes for kids are exciting when they can sing many songs in their new language. Remembering the catchy lines of a song is easier than memorising all the words in a dictionary. Additionally, children’s songs are developed for kids, meaning that they are very likely to understand all the lyrics in the song. You will also be building the kid’s vocabulary since every song is likely to have at least two new words. The songs can revolve around culture, food, or different types of flowers.

Using Flashcards, Animated Books, and Activity Books
Children love drawing and painting. Therefore, you are highly likely to achieve a lot by encouraging them to draw, paint, and name some objects in Chinese. Additionally, you can also make flashcard display for the Chinese classes for kids. The cards should feature a word in English on one side, pinyin in the middle, and the Chinese characters at the end. Reading all this repeatedly helps them memorise various characters and their pronunciation.

Visit your Chinese Speaking Family Friends or any Chinese Cultural Centre
Children are highly likely to learn a language faster while interacting with their peers. The perfect place for them to meet such friends would be at a cultural centre, in the park or your friend’s house. Allow them to play together weekends will improve their vocabulary and confidence in the Chinese language.

Bottom Line
Learning the Chinese language can be challenging for anyone at first, but the children are highly likely to learn the language faster than adults. Children will always get bored faster while learning the language in a classroom setting. Therefore, you will need to incorporate other hands-on activities in the chinese classes for kids if you want to improve their understanding of the language.


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