Mandarin Course Singapore

6 Factors To Determine The Best Chinese Learning Centre

Mandarin Course Singapore

Singapore is a multilingual state with the popular languages being English, Tamil, Chinese and Malay.

Although English is widely used in modern cities, Chinese is the primary language in informal settings. There is also the Singapore English, commonly known as Singlish. This language is hardly understood by foreigners, hence the need to have a common language.

Chinese is one of the only languages that you can comfortably use in Singapore apart from English. For this reason, there are a high number of people enrolling into Chinese language classes.

Several institutions offer Chinese language courses including colleges, universities and private tutors. Teaching services, however, may differ from one centre to the other. Before you find a learning centre, here are some factors to consider before enrolling into a mandarin course in Singapore.


Learning a foreign language, especially the Chinese language, is an excellent investment. However, these courses should not drain you financially. The cost of learning the Chinese language differs depending on the institution.

You can enrol into an affordable class after comparing costs. Before you make a decision to join, always inquire about the fees first. Compare the prices of the different institutions and then choose the right learning centre for you.

Class sizes

Although a large class may look appealing, you may lack maximum attention from the tutor. It is, therefore, advisable to consider opting for a smaller class.

You may also consider hiring a private tutor to ensure the best Chinese learning experience.

The other ideal way is to start a class with a few friends. Look for a group of friends and hire a professional tutor.

Quality of learning

There are hundreds of institutions offering Chinese language courses. However, not all these institutions guarantee quality learning.

It is best recommended to consider registered institutions, and there are reputable government institutions you can trust to attend. An alternative is private and community institutions that offer quality education in the Chinese language.

Class hours

What time are you available to attend language classes? You need to find a course class that fits with your working schedule.

Most employed people prefer joining evening or weekend classes. Before you enrol a language school, enquire the administration about the available classes.

It is essential to discuss your needs first to ensure arrangements can be made, if any, to attend classes at a time convenient for you.


How long will it take you to complete a language course? This learning period varies, but it usually depends on which course you choose.

It is also dependant on the duration of each lesson and the difficulty level of study. For example, the beginner level usually is longer compared to the intermediate level. It is, therefore, ideal to discuss the duration of your chosen course, so that you can plan for it.


Finally, choose a centre close to your residence.

A nearby learning centre may be more convenient if you choose to attend evening classes. The convenience of location, however, should not compromise the quality of education.

Boost your career by enrolling for a Chinese or Mandarin course in Singapore today. The Chinese language paves a path for government and international job opportunities. Enjoy the added advantage of learning the Chinese culture as you study the Chinese language.

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