6 Ways to Motivate Yourself in Your Chinese Learning


Learning Chinese language can be demoralising to anyone especially if you have been doing it for a long time but only feel like it’s getting harder. Most people opt to quit classes and look for another language to study when they reach this point. Feeling demotivated to study the language is quite common, but you can always make it more interesting by incorporating other fun activities into your learning. Below are some ways that you can motivate yourself while learning Chinese.

Watching TV Shows and Movies in Chinese

Everyone loves watching a good movie or television show. You can consider watching a movie in Chinese instead of your native language and try to pick out some words. Remember that you are trying to charge your batteries and enthusiasm for Chinese, so you should choose a TV show from a genre that you actually like. Consider going for a movie with subtitles so you can read as you watch. Remember that you do not have to understand everything, but you will always pick up several new words from a movie.

Listen to Music

Children typically learn a language by listening to their parents speak. Therefore, you can also learn words and the pronunciation of some tones by listening to Chinese music as you do your daily chores. You can also tune in to a Chinese FM radio if you are in Singapore or search for a Chinese radio on the Internet. You will also be amazed at how much you can sing along to once you listen to music for a long time. Music will also help you use most tones and words naturally.

Listen to YouTube Tutorials

You will never go wrong with listening to YouTube tutorials. The best thing about them is that they combine both written and spoken Chinese, which makes learning a lot easier. It is a perfect way of learning and practicing other than looking at the Chinese books for hours. However, do not rely solely on YouTube while learning Chinese since it does not have enough content to help you learn, but you can always use it alongside your classwork.

Chat in Online Chinese Chat Rooms

Having an online chat about various topics is not only interesting, but it builds on your Chinese vocabulary. You can find topics that interest you, for example, music, animals, travelling, and culture. This improves your Chinese reading and writing skills. Note that most people will try to engage you in English the moment they recognise you are a foreigner but you try to have as much of the conversation in Chinese as possible to improve your Chinese skills.

Make Chinese Speaking Friends

Friends will always be source of great motivation and help when learning a new language. Therefore, if you are learning Chinese and you do not have a friend who speaks the language, then its time you get one. Most people would argue that friends do not help in learning Chinese but on the contrary, they are the best people to assist you in your practice. A friend will also speak to you naturally and correct you whenever you make a mistake.

Use Chinese on Your Internet Searches

The Internet and social media define the 21st century. This means you will at least visit one social media page every day. You can consider using Chinese to search for information instead of your native language. This is not only interesting, but it is also a fun way of learning the language.


Learning a foreign language can be challenging especially if you do not have the right motivation to do it. However, you can make it a little more enjoyable by engaging in fun activities that will help you recharge and learn at the same time. You will be amazed at how exciting your Chinese language course will get after you supplement them with these activities.

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