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Best Way to Learn a New Language – Mandarin

Learn Chinese Language

Some people learn a new language to increase job prospects, others learn a new language to increase understanding of other people and their culture, and others learn a new language simply because they are bored and they just want to. Whatever your reason may be to learn, it is great that you have taken an interest in learning a new language, especially if it is in learning the Mandarin language.

If you want to learn Chinese in Singapore, here are a few tips you can take into consideration to make your learning process much easier.


The first thing you should bear in mind is learning Mandarin isn’t impossible. Like everything in life, once you set your mind to it you can achieve it. Just give it some time. If you want to learn the Chinese language you must be patient.


If you can spare an hour or two from your schedule you should consider taking mandarin classes in Singapore. The teachers there are competent enough to get even the most hopeless student fluent or at least able to have a basic conversation in little to no time. If you are a university student studying in Singapore, consider a Mandarin course in Singapore. That way, you can learn a new language while getting your degree, which will make your job applications look way more attractive when you have graduated and are ready to step into the working world.


The truth is, unless there are magic potions floating around that give you the ability to learn Mandarin fast and without effort, you aren’t going to learn the Mandarin language overnight. It will take a lot of practice. But this doesn’t mean slaving over a textbook.

One way you can practice speaking Mandarin is by getting Chinese friends to converse with you in the language. This will help you to get used to speaking it naturally instead of in a robotic, textbook way. You will also learn slangs and other informal speech patterns.

Another way to practice Chinese is by watching Chinese movies or TV shows and listening to Chinese music. TV shows and movies will teach you the proper tones and applications in order to fully grasp the Mandarin language while you follow the storyline. Singing along to Chinese songs is much more entertaining than any textbook and can also work as a learning medium.

Lastly, you can learn and practice speaking Mandarin by visiting China or another country where the Mandarin language is widely spoken. This way you are fully immersed in the language and culture and if you want to make your stay easier you will have to learn the language fast!


The chances of you messing at some point are very high, especially if your first language is English or Spanish. You may use the wrong tone and instead of saying ‘shoe’ you end up saying ‘scorpion’ and may be met with very confused faces (especially if you’re trying to impress someone), but the key to learning is to not be discouraged. Assess the situation and pinpoint your mistake and learn from it. This is how you will learn.

Learning Mandarin can be challenging, but if you follow this piece of advice it should make it a bit easier. It is not impossible. Attend classes, practice and don’t be discouraged and in time you will be as good as any native speaker.


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