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Our Business Chinese Mandarin Course is a comprehensive course aiming to improve the communicative and presentation skills of business Chinese learners. The course suits the needs of those business Chinese learners who have attained a certain level of basic conversational skills and wish to improve their business mandarin language

Our Business Chinese Mandarin Course caters for business Chinese learners in business communication activities, emphasizing the combination of special knowledge, working skills and language basics. The training is divided into communication and presentation skills including listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students learn through learning tasks including role-plays, topic discussion, chart description, presentations, debate etc.

In the process of learning business knowledge, both social exchanges and hot topics are included such as business tours, reception, negotiations, trade procedures, jobs, corporate management and culture, tendering, agency, market research, marketing and advertising, investment, trademark law, Intellectual property, financing etc.

To match all business Chinese Mandarin requirements, we have also included some real business charts, contracts, resumes, advertisements, tendering procedures, agency agreement, questionnaires and many more.

Each package consists of 3 modules that student can choose from the below, each module contains 2 small topics and in total 12 hours of training for 6 lessons covering 3 modules.

Learners can choose 3 modules out of 18 below to fit into their special learning needs.

Topics include:

  • Company Visit 参观公司
  • Negotiation 商务谈判
  • The Method of Payment 支付方式
  • A Business Claim 索赔方式
  • An Interview 面试
  • Employment 招聘和应聘
  • Corporate Management 公司管理
  • Corporate Culture 企业文化
  • Tender 招标
  • Business Agent 商务代理
  • Market Research 市场调研
  • Business Marketing 商务营销
  • Foreign Investment in China 外商在华投资
  • The Chinese Companies Make Overseas Investment 中国公司对外投资
  • Brand Registration 品牌注册
  • IP Rights 知识产权
  • Import and Export Fair 进出口商品交易会
  • Financial Management 理财

Besides the set-up courses, we are able to design tailor-made business course content to cater to clients industry and profession in specific business Chinese Mandarin contexts. For example, a HR profession working in Banking & Finance industry, we will customize the course towards the needs of HR and B&F industry.





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