China and the Chinese People

Shanghai, China - July 1, 2015: chinese people are communicating in park of Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China – July 1, 2015: chinese people are communicating in park of Shanghai, China

China has a unique culture and tradition. It is known as one of the world’s most visited places because of its charming and incredible attractions. It is, in fact, recognized as the oldest continuous civilization in the whole world with written history dating back 3,500 years ago.

With about 1,367,485,388 population to date, China is the world’s most populous country, and also the second largest economy. It is situated in the East Asia covering an area of 9,600,000 square km.  Aside from these facts, what makes China and Chinese people distinct from the rest of the people in the world?

What makes China distinct?

Chinese is the biggest ethnic group in the whole world. They have several languages and the most commonly used is Mandarin Chinese. Its language characters has been formed about 3,000 years ago. Hence, learning mandarin even it means the basic conversation is sufficient to help in your journey to China.

Because of its population, China allows adoption of children under 14 years of age provided that proper documentation is submitted. They are also implementing a different kind of Family Planning since the late 70’s to control its rapid population growth and to promote quality life. They are the first country to launch “one child per couple policy”. Since 2013, however, China has allowed two-child per couple for couples who live in provinces that were allowed to have two kids if one or both parent is an only child. This policy makes scholars and experts predict that the one child per couple policy will soon become two-child per couple policy. In the very near future.

These days, Chinese people enjoy a better standard of living unlike the old days. They have improved educational facilities as well as better employment. This improvement is influenced by their one child per couple policy and economic growth.

Chinese businesses are built on referrals: it is based on another business associate, partnerships and recommendation. Since the best deals and prices come from strong recommendations, you can easily and directly approach an investment committee or a business advisory.

Western business relationships are tuned to professionalism, but Chinese business relationship becomes social relationship after a while. They spend a lot of time in discussing matters outside of business such as sharing personal life as they think about your deal. Most business talks involve at least one grand restaurant trip.

Jack Perkowski, a Wall Street expert known for his entrepreneurship skill in the Asian country since the early 90’s says that the key to success in China is mutual respect so treat them with respect.

Other Important Information about China

  • China is a beautiful place to visit. It has wonderful scenery that will truly impress anyone. However, picture taking should not be done without checking the area’s safety measure.
  • It has conserved its individuality in spite of many invasions and influences from foreign lands.
  • It is recognized as the birthplace of paper.
  • China is one of the dirtiest places in the world
  • It has more bird species than any other countries in the whole world.
  • Its population ethnicity includes 55 ethnic subgroups and about 91.6% of them are Han.
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