mandarin classes singapore

Countries That Are Advocating Business Chinese Learning

mandarin classes singapore

The Chinese language is being fast adopted by countries across the globe as a medium of businesses language. Cambodia, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, U.S., and European countries are advocating the use of Chinese as a business language. Recently, China has been sponsoring multiple Mandarin learning programs across the globe to further their cause of giving the Chinese language a better status. The popularity of Chinese can be gauged from a simple rising trend of students donning the traditional Chinese robes on Confucius Day and bowing down to greet their teachers.

Made in China has had an omnipresence across the world for more than a decade now and is often the commonest label that can be found on goods. Of late there’s been a greater push to market the country and its culture by the Chinese government. The government agencies are working overtime to sell China as a brand. Here’s what one can expect if you opt for a Chinese language course:

Government subsidies on Singapore’s Mandarin course
Foreigners opting to learn the Chinese language are being encouraged by the Chinese government. Thus mandarin classes in singapore are provided with huge subsidies. As a student of Chinese language in Singapore, you can expect to undergo the course without burning a hole in your pocket. In addition to this, you’ll also be provided with certificate and recognition by the Chinese government, which would help you to gain rightful employment.

Mandarin is adopted by many countries
The biggest advantage being offered to the Chinese language learners is that they can get employment in any of the countries that have adopted Chinese as their business language. Even the Chinese government in collaboration with the local governments of US, UK, India, and the Philippines etc. are arranging Chinese classes for children to promote the language. Thus, your kid too can learn Chinese from a tender age and by the time she/he grows up, they can become experts.

Quick employment and rewarding career
Once you’re able to master the Chinese language by attending a Chinese language course, you can easily get employed. The career choices too would be widened and you can opt to become an interpreter or instructor or even a transcriptionist. All these careers are professionally rewarding and you really don’t have to compete with too many people. Even though the market is saturated in countries like Taiwan, you can always move to other countries and get employed.

Singapore ranks at the top of countries advocating business Chinese learning because it has a considerable Chinese population. In order to enhance the communication with the migrants and the natives, language barriers have to be broken. The only way to do that is to encourage people to learn Chinese Singapore. To this end, the Singapore government is arranging Mandarin classes in Singapore and even Chinese classes for children.

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