Facts You Must Know About Learning Chinese in Singapore


The word Chinese is an umbrella term for all Chinese related dialects like Mandarin, Putonghua, Minnan, Cantonese and so on. The list goes on, but the most used and most common of these is Mandarin. Here are some facts one must know about learning Chinese in Singapore.

Some Facts about learning Chinese

  • Mandarin is considered to be the official language of China. It is one of the four authoritative languages of Singapore and is one of the six authority languages of UN. It is generally spoken and used in Taiwan, Malaysia and the different Chinatowns over the world. It is estimated that 1 billion individuals communicate in Mandarin everywhere throughout the world.
  • The interesting part of the language is that it has no alphabet. What makes up the mandarin language is composed of symbols known as Chinese characters. There are two noteworthy types of characters which are traditional and simplified.  Traditional characters are usually used in parts of Taiwan, Macau where simplified characters are mostly used in parts of China. These characters can be composed in any heading left to right, or top down.
  • Since 1966, every ethnic Chinese student needs to pass Mandarin as a compulsory subject. So if you have a chance to meet a Chinese Singaporean beneath the age of 50, you can expect the bilingual in both English and Mandarin.  
  • Due to the absence of individuals in the western business world who can speak both Chinese and English, there is a huge interest in learning Chinese. Through learning Chinese, one could make him/herself an extremely appealing point if business contact.
  • Every year more students in Singapore whose native language is not Mandarin are taking up mandarin classes in Singapore. Therefore, learning Chinese in Singapore has become very popular and some non-Chinese has taken up Chinese as their second language.
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