FAQ For Learning Mandarin In Singapore


Are we learning Mandarin or Chinese?

When we learn Mandarin, also known as the standard Chinese or Putonghua in Chinese. Chinese is the language Chinese people speak, with seven different dialect systems. Mandarin is the standard Chinese developed from the northern dialect in China. To make sure our students learn and speak the right standard of Mandarin, all trainers in Linda Mandarin are hired from the north part of China with a more proper Chinese accent.

Notice how some people from China speak Mandarin in a very strong and difficult to hear Mandarin? Those people are from the southern part of China. For a non-trained ear, it’s difficult to understand them.

Our Chinese teachers have also passed the standard Mandarin exam and obtained a level higher than 2A.

Is Mandarin difficult to learn?

Compared to learning English or French, Mandarin is more difficult to learn for Westerners, because of the character system in the Chinese language that has been developed over 4,000 years. This character system is different from the alphabet system.

The character system takes some time to get used to. But if you understand the meaning of many of those characters, it’ll help you learn those characters easily. Many characters were developed with a story behind. Like many say, Chinese Characters are drawings. They are drawings with meaning.

What we teach at Linda Mandarin is more than just Mandarin. We teach you the history of China and go deeper into the typical textbook syllabus. This makes learning more enjoyable and easier to pick up.

Chinese pronunciation is also a bit hard at the beginning but soon we can grasp it with the help of the learning tools by Linda Mandarin. Tones are not easy either, however, do remember Chinese is a language based on its context, which means we can still make ourselves understood with a wrong accent.

What level do we need to reach for free communication? And how long does it take?

We need to reach Beginner level 3 to be able to communicate during social activities, such as shopping, traveling, ordering food and drinks etc. It will take around 6-9 months for total beginners if we take regular lessons one or two sessions per week.

For business communication, intermediate level 3 is recommended for basic negotiation, company introductions, going to China for a business meeting etc. It will take around 1-2 years if we take regular lessons one or two sessions per week.

Who are our trainers?

Linda Mandarin trainers are native Mandarin speakers from China. They are degree holders or master holders in language studies. Many of them also have abundant experience in working in MNCs, which benefit students on business Chinese learning.

What course materials do we use?

In Linda Mandarin, we learn Chinese with a learning package including textbook, audio CD and video lessons.

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