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Listening is all about practice. Make effort to spend more time listening Chinese if you want to improve your ability to a high level quickly. However, a common complaint of people taking Mandarin classes Singapore is that there’s not enough time to practice listening Chinese.

Well, here are two different angles—mind you, not different approaches—from which you can tackle this problem. In the first method, the focus is on listening Chinese while doing something important. On the other hand, in the second method, the focus is on how you can utilize the time you spend in listening Chinese better by doing some other thing simultaneously. A shift in your focus is the only difference between the two approaches.

Doing something important and listening Chinese simultaneously

Many everyday tasks take up a lot of our daily time, like eating, walking, washing laundry, and cooking. Of course, you can’t neglect any of these things. However, you can use the time you spend in doing them more effectively by listening Chinese simultaneously.

There are a number of menial daily tasks which you can easily combine with listening, such as driving, biking, walking; washing laundry; cleaning; shopping groceries; eating; and cooking.

Of course, different people spend different amounts of time on these activities. However, on average, most people spend roughly about 16 hours on the aforementioned activities. Naturally, you might not be able to always listen to Chinese while doing these tasks, but even if you can practice listening Chinese quarter of the time, you can increase your listening Chinese time by 4 hours—and that’s quite a lot!

Doing other activities while listening

There’s another way of approaching the problem of lack of time for listening Chinese. For instance, let’s say you love to hear a particular Chinese radio show but rarely have the time to sit and listen to it. Well then, why don’t you combine it with some other activity? This way you will able to make use of your time more efficiently.

You can combine any activity with this. Some suggestions are:  jogging and exercising; knitting, crafting, and sewing; baking and cooking; computer games and playing video; reorganizing cupboards and drawers; and gardening.

Actually, anything that doesn’t require hearing can be combined with listening Chinese. This is even better for recorded material. You can always repeat a part again and again in case something or someone distracts you.

Practice is the key

You need a certain amount of skill to combine listening with the aforementioned tasks, and in all likelihood, you will find that at first things are not running seamlessly. You might find yourself regularly losing focus, and that can be a little frustrating. However, don’t give up because it’s normal to experience some level of difficulty when you first combine listening with other activities.

However, things will improve with practice. If you stick with this tactic, soon you’ll find you are able to combine other activities with listening Chinese with a fair degree of success. This, in turn, will help you learn Chinese in Singapore more quickly.

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