mandarin course singapore

Fun Career Prospects in Singapore for Chinese-Speaking Adults

mandarin course singapore

Chinese speaking adults can choose from many career paths. Singaporeans are learning about the benefits of learning Chinese, which includes furthering their existing career or building a completely new career. Here is a list of the top career prospects in Singapore for Chinese-speaking adults.

Instructor of the Chinese Language
People attending a Chinese language course often dream of becoming an instructor. The career of a Chinese instructor is filled with excitement and fun because they are able to share their knowledge of Chinese with students or learners. Chinese-speaking adults can expect to get the job of a Chinese instructor in a college or university, high school and Chinese learning communities.  

You need to be really proficient in Mandarin Chinese before choosing to build a career as an instructor. Learn Chinese in Singapore to gain in-depth knowledge before you actually even think about offering Chinese classes for children in Singapore. Pursuing a certified singapore mandarin course is the best way to begin a professional career as an instructor. Even though the job market is saturated, instructors are still in high demand and efficient professionals will not find it difficult to find a job.

Working as an English Instructor
 There are many Chinese-speaking adults who can use their skills to become English instructors for native Chinese speakers. Yes, you can always travel to China and other places around the world where Chinese-speaking people would like to learn English. Here, too, you will need a Bachelor’s degree along with a certificate in Chinese.

Chinese Transcriptionist
Well, the job of a transcriptionist is to listen to audio and then convert the same into text. Chinese transcriptionist can find jobs at hospitals, production houses, and publishing houses. They can even work to produce subtitles but that would require in-depth knowledge on Chinese expressions and colloquial terms.

Research Analyst
If you’re a Chinese-speaking adult in Singapore or have enrolled for a Chinese language course then you can find work as a research analyst. Several multinational companies hire research analyst to understand the local market better and beat the competition. Thus, singapore business chinese is a highly rewarding and fun job wherein you’ll be required to communicate with local customers and find out more about the Chinese market so you can create actionable reports for the management.

The work of an interpreter is extremely interesting and fun because they get to interact with Chinese-speaking tourists or businessmen and interpret whatever your clients are speaking to get important ideas across.

If you too want to build a fun career by using your Chinese-speaking skills then you need to attend singapore’s mandarin courses. Get certified and move on to build an incredibly exciting career by using your Chinese-speaking skills.  

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