Fun Ideas for Learning Chinese Lessons Singapore


Many individuals believe that learning a new language like Chinese is boring and difficult. The truth is, learning Chinese lessons Singapore need not be boring or hard to do. Nowadays, anything is possible especially if you put your heart and soul into it. Couple that with interesting and challenging lessons and you’ll be a pro in no time.

Learning Chinese can be done the fun way. Here’s how.

Learn with friends

Learning becomes fun when you do it with friends. Before you enrol in Chinese lessons, invite your friends to enrol with you. This is far better than doing it alone. You can attend classes together on weekends or after office hours at Linda Mandarin. You can practice together the lessons you have. For instance, you can converse using the words you’ve learned or write each other letters in Chinese.

Use varied learning materials

One of the reasons why there are those who easily lost interest in learning Chinese is the fact that they only stick to their modules or handouts. They don’t even bother to look for other learning materials that can help them enhance what they’ve learned. Be resourceful by using other materials like crossword puzzles, word searches, and many more.

Go on a movie marathon

Another fun way to learn Chinese is by watching movies. Take a time out of your lessons by going on a movie marathon. However, instead of watching the latest Hollywood films, download or rent a Chinese movie with English subtitles. Even if you don’t understand what comes out of the mouth of the characters, the English subtitles can help you comprehend what they’re talking about. Do this during weekends as a form of enrichment activity.

Dine in a Chinese restaurant

Sometimes you need a little inspiration in learning Chinese and dining in a Chinese restaurant is one interesting way to learn not only the language but the culture as well. You can order food using Chinese, use chopsticks in eating, and try out delicacies that you don’t normally include in your diet. This gives you the chance to practice what you’ve learned so far and at the same time a form of a treat for what you’ve accomplished so far.

Chinese lessons Singapore need not be boring because there are always ways to make learning fun, interesting, and challenging for everybody. For instance, you can enrol together with your friends. You can also use varied materials to supplement those you’re provided with. As a treat and at the same time a form of practical exam, watch a Chinese movie or dine in a Chinese restaurant where you can apply what you’ve learned.

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