Get More Creative by Learning A New Language

Business woman over the background with a different world languages (foreign language school)

Business woman over the background with a different world languages (foreign language school)

Learning a new language has its own benefits. While learning a new language, you may realize that it has really helped you to become a better writer and hence improved your writing skills. You may also discover that while learning other different languages, you get to know how you can say the same thing in numerous ways, shaping you to be more creative. How is that so?

You see the world from a different perspective

Different languages use different phrases for the same thing and this in turn allows you to see the world in a new way from a new angle. Let me explain this through an example. For instance, in the English language, people say “Sweet dreams” or “Goodnight,” in the Hebrew language, people say “ליילה טוב,” which means “Goodnight,” and in the Vietnamese language, people say “Chúc ngủ ngon” which literally means “have a delicious sleep.”

Now, talking about the last phrase, the word “delicious” sounds odd in the context of sleep. Delicious usually brings food to our mind, something like pizza, chocolate chip ice-cream, cookie cake, etc. You would not think that delicious in any way refers to going to sleep.

Taking another example, if you are learning the English language for the very first time, you may find it weird to say, “This fruit is melting in my mouth.” This is because when you literally translate it to your native language, it will sound a tad odd.

Therefore, as per the language, your creativity will flex according to the different phrases. It will force you to think how you can say things in a new and different way. Moreover, the more new languages you learn, the more creative you will get in saying things and describing situations.

Allows you to say new things

A particular language comprises of thousand of different words that are not alike the English language. When you discover these words, it widens your overall vocabulary and offers a much bigger worldview.

Moreover, English is a mixed language and is made up of lots of different tongues. And, when you learn some other language, it is more likely that you will get to know some new “English” words that you never even knew before. You will also discover some new ways of using these English words. For instance, in the German language, cell phone is called “handy”.

Gives you a “Sense of Humor”

Learning a new language gives you a funny bone. It is fun, especially when you spend a good time with it.  When you study a second language, for instance if you take mandarin classes, you will realize that you have got a new sense of humor as per the language’s culture, in this case the culture of Chinese.

Sometimes, the jokes that work in the English language do not work in a different language, like Japanese or French. However, sometimes some cheesy things at which nobody would laugh in the English language work great in Vietnamese.

This way you are forced to stretch your creativity by finding your witty bone in not just your native language, but also in the new language that you are learning.

So, now you know how a new language can boost your creativity. Study a new language, like learn Chinese, and see how your creativity improves.

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