How Chinese Can Open a Sea of Opportunities for You

How Chinese Can Open a Sea of Opportunities for You

How Chinese Can Open a Sea of Opportunities for You

China’s vast population of 1.2 billion puts Mandarin as one of the most widely spoken languages globally. Moreover, due to the unprecedented growth of China’s economy, now second-largest in the world only after the United States, more and more Chinese nationals are settling into various industries including manufacturing, IT, telecommunications and construction internationally. Across the world, Chinese is now commonly spoken language. These impressive economic feats demonstrate that China is a hotbed of opportunities, and Chinese will pave an avenue for you.

You may have notices the introduction of Mandarin programs at your university and that many students now ignore the traditional study destinations abroad and prefer China. Probably you have been inquisitive about the Chinese language and thought pondered, ‘what’s the advantage of learning Chinese? Well, don’t miss the opportunity to take up a Mandarin course in Singapore and stay abreast of the fast-growing Chinese economy and the ensuing opportunities it provides.


More than ever before Chinese matter. Over the last decade, the Chinese economy has grown tremendously. While other economies seem to be recovering slowly from the economic crises, China’s growth is pulling away from the rest. As previously mentioned, many Chinese nationals are scattered across the world and heading multinational Chinese companies in different industries. As a business investor, it makes sense to go where the money is and doing business in China or with the Chinese nationals ticks this box.

As you’re probably aware, effective communication enhances business relationships. As a non-Chinese investor wanting to tap into the consumer market in China, competency in Mandarin is a must. Given that China and its nationals use Mandarin as the official business language, fluency in Mandarin can help you create important business ties with Chinese business leaders and the Chinese market.

Career opportunities

One out of five people is a Chinese. The likelihood of hearing Chinese spoken somewhere near you is higher than ever these days. Moreover, you don’t have to be in working in China to realise that some of your colleagues and customers actually speak Chinese as their first language. The Chinese are setting up all sorts of companies in every corner of the world from IT to construction, manufacturing to retail and so on. As such, fluency in Mandarin could translate into a career opportunity with these Chinese companies in Singapore. Proficiency in Mandarin will enhance your CV and set you apart from other applicants.


Fluency in Mandarin will make China, and its neighbours including Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, more appealing travel destinations. Being able to speak Mandarin will allow you to get around independently. You can visit Changchun which is home to several interesting sites. Here, you will find one of the more controversial palaces of the country, the Puppet Manchurian Palace Museum. For nature lovers, the Diaoshuihu Scenic Area boasts amazing caves, forests, mountains and the breathtaking Diaoshuihu Waterfall.

Beside Changchun, Harbin is another fantastic destination to visit while in China. Harbin is famous for its ice and snow, in addition to electrifying festivals including the Ice Lantern Garden Tea Party and the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival. Everyday interactions, from visiting the attractions, taking transport or going to the market provides an opportunity to communicate with the locals in Mandarin. Of course, your holiday vacation wouldn’t be complete without tasting the culinary delights served in China. You will be able to read the menu and order food without any difficulty nor any awkward stuttering in Chinese.

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